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Freeholder Director Announces State Grant for BCC

Freeholder Director Leah Arter

Matching Freeholder Director Leah Arter’s State of the County vision for greater collaboration between county agencies and private businesses to grow and create job opportunities, Burlington County College (BCC) has received a state grant to train hundreds of employees at three growing Burlington County businesses.

The state Department of Labor and Workforce Development awarded BCC a $131,600 Skills4Jersey grant that will be used to train 578 employees at three Burlington County businesses: American Custom Drying, Radwell International and Rimtec.

“This grant will accentuate the terrific economic development programs and partnerships we already have in Burlington County,” said Burlington County Freeholder Director Leah Arter. “Training employees to move up the career ladder is a smart way to grow the economy because it will help companies expand and create jobs in Burlington County.”

Arter called for greater synergy between county agencies and the private sector to create jobs as part of a Workforce Development Initiative in her State of the County address. The college is a key component of that vision.

“This will prove the cliché that a rising tide can lift all boats,” BCC President David C. Hespe said. “When employees gain skills, their companies grow and create jobs that benefit the local economy. This is another example of Burlington County College strategically working with the Burlington County Freeholders in partnership with the private sector to drive the economy.”

The courses will cover many topics including manufacturing, mechanical and hazardous materials.

Rimtec Corporation, a PVC Compound Manufacturer located in Burlington Township, will take advantage of the opportunity for more than 100 employees to receive training in enhancement of skill training, safety and plant operations skill improvement training and computer technical training.

“Rimtec Corporation supports training that will help their team members enhance skills and better position our company for future success,” President Takara Fujii said. “We are very excited about the partnership with Burlington County College in order to help our company grow.”