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Career Learning Opportunities

What are Career Learning Opportunities?

Career Learning Opportunities are either an internship or co-op approved through Career Services consisting of on-the-job work experience where knowledge obtained from classroom theory is integrated with actual practical work experiences. The program allows students to obtain relevant work experience before graduating, while earning academic credit. NOTE: Students electing to do an UNPAID internship at a For-Profit Company MUST be enrolled in EXP 101 or 102.


  • Early involvement provides potential for talent development growth.
  • Evaluate candidates as potential full-time employees.
  • Offers students valuable exposure and skill development in a field of interest.
  • Requires that wages be paid for students doing an internship in a for-profit business.
  • For-credit internships offer students on-the-job experience and academic credit in his/her program of study

Road Trip to the Real World

  • Half-day program held at the employer's location (includes a facility tour).
  • Businesses and students can explore internships and career opportunities.
  • Allows businesses to market themselves to potential employees.
  • Provides students with networking experience.
  • Exposes students to real life work experiences with the participating organization.
  • Provides students with career and industry information

Job Shadowing

  • Provides students an opportunity to spend a day, one-on-one, with an expert in their field of interest.
  • Allows businesses to market themselves and evaluate potential interns and employees.

Professional Mentoring

  • Provides students with a mentor from a field of interest for one semester or summer.
  • Allows businesses to market themselves and evaluate potential interns and employees.

Apprenticeship Experiences

  • Offers participants on-the-job training from businesses coupled with classroom instruction.
  • Required to meet national standards for registration with the U.S. Department of Labor (or federally-recognized State Apprenticeship Agencies).


Benefits of Career Learning Opportunities

Internships provide students with knowledge of career opportunities, help students gain an understanding of the industry and how one might better prepare to be successful in obtaining and keeping employment in a profession. Internships also help solidify whether a student is making the correct career choices.


How to Enroll

Contact Career Services to learn if you are eligible for Career Learning, if you need assistance with finding an internship or to learn if your current job would qualify. Start early to gain valuable and relevant work experience before you graduate.

The Career Learning program at Rowan College at Burlington County has a ''rolling registration'' which allows a 15-week term to begin at any time a student is selected for the internship.

To schedule an appointment with the career counselor to discuss Career Learning, please contact us at (609) 894-9311, ext. 1034.