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Available Course Offerings

The following online courses are typically offered online each year. When searching WebAdvisor for the current semester online courses, be sure to select DLC (Distance Learning Course) from the Locations box.

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Course Short Title
ACC 112 Prin Financ Acct I/SprdShe
ACC 113 Prin Financ Acct II/SprdSh
ACC 115 Managerial Acct /SpeadShee
ACC 210 Interm Accounting I
ACC 211 Interm Accounting II
ACC 213 Cost Accounting
ANT 102 Intro to Cultural Anthropo
ART 101 Introduction to Art
BIO 103 General Biology I
BIO 107 General Biology II
BIO 110 Fund Anatomy & Phys I
BIO 114 Fund Anatomy & Phys II
BIO 120 Basic Biology & Human Affa
BIO 121 Basic Biol/Human Affair La
BUA 101 Bus Funct in a Global Soci
BUA 102 Prin of Management
BUA 108 Per Fin & Money Mgmt
BUA 205 Business Law I
BUA 206 Business Law II
BUA 208 Labor-Mgmt Relations
BUA 211 Human Resource Management
BUA 220 Prin of Marketing
BUA 230 Small Business Mgmt
CIN 109 American Cinema
CIS 101 Introduction to Computers
CIS 161 Computer Applications
CIS 208 Introduction to Cybersecur
CRJ 101 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ 102 Police Operations & Proced
CRJ 103 Intro to Correctional Syst
CRJ 106 Intro To Court Systems
CRJ 111 Criminal Law
CRJ 113 Criminal Investigation
CRJ 203 Legal Rights of the Convic
ECO 203 Prin of Microeconomics
ECO 204 Prin of Macroeconomics
EDU 112 Historical Foundations Ame
ENG 101 College Composition I
ENG 102 College Composition II
ENG 106 Bus Communications
FRS 101 Student Success Seminar
FSM 125 Food Serv Sani/Accident Pr
GDD 225 History of Graphic Design
HIS 101 U S History I
HIS 102 U S History II
HIS 103 Ancient & Medieval Foundat
HIS 104 Western World Since 1600
HIS 212 The American Civil War
HIT 101 Intro to Health Informatio
HIT 103 Legal Aspects of Health In
HIT 105 Medical Terminology
HIT 107 Health Info in Nonacute Ca
HIT 115 Pathology
HIT 116 Pharmacology for Allied He
HIT 120 Intro Healthcare/Public He
HIT 121 Introduction to Health IT
HIT 204 Healthcare Mgmt & Personne
HIT 205 HCPCS Coding (CPT-4)
HIT 208 Reimbursement Methodology
HIT 209 Icd-10-Cm Coding
HIT 210 Icd-10-Pcs Coding
HIT 218 Healthcare Quality Perf. I
HIT 219 Healthcare Information Sys
HUS 207 Addiction Dynamics & Inter
LIT 203 Masterpieces of World Lit
LIT 206 Women's Literature
LIT 215 Intro to Child Lit
MCR 101 Cancer Registry Struct. &
MCR 104 Cancer Registry Operations
MTH 107 Introduction to Statistics
MTH 113 Modern College Mathematics
MTH 118 Calculus I and Analytic Ge
MTH 119 Calculus II and Analytic G
MTH 130 Precalculus
MUS 101 Introduction to Music
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHY 120 Introduction to Astronomy
POL 101 American Government & Poli
POL 102 State and Local Government
POL 103 Comparative Gov't & Politi
POL 215 Constitutional Law
POL 250 International Politics
PSC 105 Physical Science I
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 250 Educational Psychology
PSY 251 Child Psychology
PSY 255 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 256 Developmental Psychology
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
SOC 201 Social Problems
SOC 205 Marriage and the Family
SOC 207 Media, Popular Culture-Soc
SOC 210 Minority Groups
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II
SPE 102 Public Speaking
THR 101 Introduction to Theatre