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RCBC FAQ for Prospective Students

Please refer to the following frequently asked questions list for general answers to some common questions. This page will be updated periodically. If you have a question that does not appear on this page, please contact us at or (856) 222-9311, ext. 1199.

Last Updated: August, 2016

Q. Is Rowan College at Burlington County now a four year college instead of a two year college?
A. No, Rowan College at Burlington County is still a two-year college that is now partnered with Rowan University to provide students a smooth transition from assocaites to bachelors. Student can complete a bachelor's degree in Mount Laurel, online or in Glassboro.

Q. What are the perks to attending Rowan College at Burlington County ?
A. Rowan College at Burlington County will continue to provide an affordable, convenient education for everyone. RCBC students can now also enjoy the following benefits with Rowan University:

  • Easy continuation from an associate's degree to a bachelor's degree with no application fee.
  • ​Guaranteed acceptance to Rowan University undergraduate programs offered in Glassboro, online or at RCBC provided admission conditions are met. 
  • Extra Scholarships just for RCBC graduates.
  • Innovative "3+1" program that allows you to complete your university degree for half the cost.
  • Enhanced academic advising to ensure your success for continuing at Rowan University for your four-year degree.
  • Access to student events at Rowan University.

[i] "3+1" program applies to certain majors; please see:


Q. What is the "3+1" program?
. RCBC students will be able to complete their asscoates degree and then continue taking courses at RCBC for their junior year. After students complete their junior year, they will transition into Rowan University courses for their senior year. RCBC students will end up taking about 90 credits at RCBC's cost and 30 credits at Rowan University's cost. The "3+1" program is not for every major. To see what majors are eligible, please visit:

Q. If I apply to RCBC, am I automatically accepted to Rowan University and will I be able to transfer into any program?
A. RCBC students are guaranteed admission to Rowan University as long as they gradaute from RCBC and earn a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) or higher. However, there are restricted majors that have specific admission and GPA requirements that must be met before students can declare these majors. For more information, please visit: 

Q. Will I be able to transfer from RCBC to another college/university (other than Rowan University)?
A. Yes, students can transfer to any college from RCBC. Students should review the RCBC transfer website for more information on the Guaranteed Admission Programs (GAP) and articulation agreements offered through RCBC. All students seeking to transfer are encouraged to make an appointment with a transfer advisor. For more information on the Transfer Center, click here.

Q. Do I need to graduate from RCBC to transfer to Rowan University?  
A. While it is strongly recommended that you graduate before transferring, you do not need to graduate from RCBC to transfer to Rowan University. However, you do need to graduate from RCBC to be automatically admitted to Rowan University through the partnership.   

Q. Can I finish my associates degree from RCBC after transferring to Rowan University?
A. If you do transfer without a degree, you can transfer some of your Rowan University credits back to RCBC and you may receive your associates degree.

Q. Will it be more expensive to take classes at RCBC now that RCBC is partnered with Rowan University?
A. No, tuition and fees will not change with this new partnership. For more information about RCBC tuition and fees, click here.

Q. Will I be able to earn any degree from Rowan University on the RCBC campus?
A. Not every Rowan University degree is offered in Mount Laurel. Over a period of time, Rowan will be offering several degree programs that students will have the ability to complete on the RCBC campus or online. Rowan University currently offers the Bachelors of General Studies degree in Mount Laurel. A Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelors of Arts in Computing and Informatics will begin in fall 2017 in Mount Laurel. There are also programs currently offered online in the following areas: BA in Psychology, BA in Law and Justice, BA in Construction Mangagment and BS in Nursing.

Q. Are the tuition rates for Rowan University programs offered on the RCBC campus discounted?
A. Yes, RCBC graduates taking Rowan University BA/BS classes at RCBC or online through Rowan Global will receive a 15% discount off their Rowan University tuition.

Q. Will Chargebacks still be accepted from RCGC since RCGC and RCBC are both partners with Rowan University?
A. Yes, RCGC and RCBC are separate entities. RCBC will continue to follow the current chargeback process. For more information about the chargeback process, click here.

Q. Can I obtain a BA from RCBC?
A. No, RCBC is a two year school where you can pursue an associates degree.

Q. Does RCBC have dorms?
A. No, RCBC currently does not provide housing.

Q. What federal school code do I use on my FAFSA application?
A. The federal school code for Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) is 007730.

Q. Can RCBC receive my FAFSA information if I have Rowan University on my federal school code list?
A. No. In order for RCBC to receive FAFSA information you must log on to your FAFSA and update your application with the RCBC federal school code of 007730.

Q. Who will certify my VA benefits?
There is no changes to the certification process. We will continue to provide all the services to our Military, Veteran and Dependent students. For more information, please visit:

Q.  Will my Basic Housing Stipend (BAH) be based on Rowan University or Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC)?
There will be no change to your BAH rate. Your rate will be based on the RCBC zip code of 08068.

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