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RCBC Board of Trustees names new Trustee Emeritus and Alumni Trustee

Board of Trustees Meeting

Rowan College at Burlington County Board of Trustees named former Board Chair and Treasurer Ronald D. Winthers Trustee Emeritus and welcomed its 2015-2016 alumni trustee, Deniqua Owens, at the August board meeting held after the Rowan University partnership celebration and logo unveil on the Mount Laurel campus Tuesday.

“The Rowan College at Burlington County Board of Trustees is proud to confer Mr. Winthers with the title Trustee Emeritus as he was one of the most hardworking and dedicated members to have ever served the college and community,” said Rowan College at Burlington County President Paul Drayton. “We are equally pleased at the graduates’ selection for Alumni Trustee, Ms. Owens, who demonstrated great leadership while she was a student. We gladly welcome her input and involvement as an alumnus.”

Winthers, a longtime resident of Willingboro, was appointed to the Board in 1991 and served with distinction for two decades. He was instrumental in supporting the strategic expansion to Mount Laurel and The Culinary Arts Center in Mount Holly. He was an advocate for community colleges across the state and nation as a leader on the Association of Community College Trustees’ Board of Directors, where he was awarded a lifetime membership, and Chair of the New Jersey Council of County Colleges from 2008 to 2011.  In 2011, the Council created the Ronald D. Winthers Trustee Leadership Award in his honor to recognize visionary leadership by a New Jersey community college trustee at the local, state and national levels.

“As current Board Chair, I greatly admire and respect Mr. Winthers’ leadership and unwavering service to higher education, the college and community,” said George Nyikita. “He was an extremely accomplished member of the board and we want to thank him for his valuable contributions to the college by naming him Trustee Emeritus. I had the privilege of serving with Mr. Winthers and I saw firsthand how much he truly deserves this honor.”

Winthers is the 16th Trustee in the college’s history to receive the Emeritus title.

“I thank the Rowan College at Burlington County Board of Trustees for their role in continuing to advance the mission of the college I know and love while becoming a national model for the future of affordable higher education,” said Mr. Winthers. “I feel grateful to have been able to serve the institution for 20 years and wholeheartedly believe it couldn’t be better poised for future success.”

Owens, of Browns Mills, graduated with an Associate of Science in Business and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in business management and a certificate in human resources from Wilmington University.  

“Ever since I began college I was involved in every way I could be. I love being involved with groups and organizations that serve the community and make things happen,” said Owens.

Before completing her requirements for graduation in December 2014, Owens served as Vice President of Programming and Vice President of Student Life for the Student Government Association and was an active member of the college’s honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, International Club, and the AmeriCorps Leader Program. She was a strong advocate for the BCC Foundation, whose scholarship support allowed her to be so active in the college community.

“I am honored to have been chosen by my class to serve as the 2015-2016 Alumni Trustee and I look forward to staying engaged with the college through all of its exciting transformations,” she said.

Pictured: Rowan College at Burlington County Board Chair George Nyikita (right) honors former Board Chair and Treasurer Ronald D. Winthers (left) with the title Trustee Emeritus.