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RCBC Announces Executive Directors for new Enrollment Management & Student Success Divisions

Dr. Cathy Briggs and Dr. Karen Archambault

Rowan College at Burlington County President Paul Drayton and Enrollment Management and Student Success Vice President Michael Cioce announced today that Cathy Briggs and Dr. Karen Archambault have been named the executive directors for the college's new Enrollment Management and Student Success Division, which was a focal point of the largest change in the college’s management structure.

Upon feedback from faculty, students and staff, the former Enrollment Management and Student Success divisions were united to bring greater synergy between the two departments responsible for recruiting students and helping them successfully complete their educational goals.

“This priority is more important than ever because of the clear feedback we have received from students, and our new partnership with Rowan University that will create a path to a $30,000 bachelor’s degree,” President Drayton said. “Under the leadership of Mr. Cioce and his new Executive Directors, we have created a dynamic leadership team capable of helping the college and our students meet the challenges that exist in higher education today.”

Both Briggs, who will serve as Executive Director of Student Success, and Archambault, who will serve as Executive Director of Enrollment Management, will begin their new positions on Sept. 1. Coincidentally, each has earned a degree from Rowan University.

“Both the Rowan University partnership and our participation in the Guided Pathways project give us a good road map of where we need to go to become a national model of student success,” said Michael Cioce Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success. “Now, comes the hard part of implementing these critical programs and helping students successfully navigate them.

“Cathy and Karen have proven their ability to lead with a passion for the students we serve,” Cioce added. “This is a very important time to redefine the future of higher education and both Cathy and Karen are ready to meet the challenge with innovation and enthusiasm.”

Briggs has served the college for 13 years and has been serving as Associate Dean of Student Activities and Campus Programs since 2008.

“I have worked very closely with our students who are so energized about the college’s new direction – both the transition to Mount Laurel and the premier partnership with Rowan University,” Briggs said. “I am thrilled at the opportunity to continue this work and find new ways to engage students and parents and create innovative resources to help them succeed and the college flourish.”

Archambault has served as Executive Director of Drexel Central, a one-stop shop for registration, bursar services and financial aid at Drexel University since 2013.

“I believe in the power of teams that work across institutional boundaries to find ways to help students succeed,” Archambault said. “With the promise of a $30,000 bachelor’s degree, the Rowan University partnership gives us plenty of opportunity to collaborate on new and exciting programs. I am so excited to join the Rowan College at Burlington County team when it is reinventing itself and the model of higher education.”

More about Cathy Briggs:

Briggs is working on her doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Wilmington University and holds a master’s in Higher Education Administration and a bachelor’s degree from Rowan University.

Well-known to the RCBC community, Briggs coordinated a 40 percent increase in new student organizations, has consistently increased student participation in campus organizations and activities, and introduced the college’s new orientation model that enhances student participation and awareness of college resources.

Briggs will now be responsible for the following areas:

  • Placement Testing and Tutoring
  • Advising
  • Transfer Services
  • Pathway Advising
  • Willingboro Center
  • Student Support
  • Student Activities and Programs
  • Athletics
  • Parent Information Office 

More about Karen Archambault:

Archambault holds a doctorate in educational leadership from Rowan University, a master’s in counseling from Trinity Washington University, a master’s in history from Old Dominion University and a bachelor’s in history from Salisbury University.

In more than 15 years of experience in higher education – particularly with admissions, financial aid and retention programs, Archambault’s work has been recognized by several national organizations including:

  • An honorable mention for collaboration between academic and student affairs from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA): Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education’s Promising Practices Award.
  • The Commissions and Interest Groups Division Service Award from the National Academic Advising Association.
  • A scholarship from the Academic Advising Administrators Institute of the National Academic Advising Association. 

At RCBC, Archambault will be responsible for the following areas:

  • Student Recruitment/Enrollment Management
  • Admissions
  • Registration
  • Financial Aid
  • Educational Opportunity Fund
  • International Program
  • NJ Stars 

The new division is now focusing on naming a Rowan Relations Coordinator – a jointly funded position with Rowan University.

Pictured (left to right): Rowan College at Burlington County's new Executive Director of Student Success Cathy Briggs and Rowan College at Burlington County's new Executive Director of Enrollment Management Dr. Karen Archambault.