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Foundation Scholarships

Top three reasons to apply for an RCBC Foundation Scholarship

Many RCBC students are surprised to learn they qualify for a scholarship from the college’s Foundation to help them meet the costs of getting a degree. A Foundation Scholarship can cover anything from the costs of books to tuition. Why should a student apply?

  1. It’s simple. The RCBC Foundation recently implemented a new online scholarship application that is streamlined, user-friendly and intuitive. 
  2. More than 50 scholarships are available. The RCBC Foundation has a wide variety of scholarships that can apply to many different students and majors.
  3. Every dollar counts. With the lowest tuition and fees in New Jersey, RCBC is already the most affordable college, but we want to help our students even more with an RCBC Foundation scholarship.

Foundation Scholarship Deadlines:

Application Open Date – July 5, 2017
Application Close Date – September 6, 2017

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