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Fashion Workshops and Camps

Upcoming Workshops

High School Fashion Design Workshop
October 19 | 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Mount Holly Campus
Experience an evening of Fashion Design at Rowan College at Burlington County. You must be in high school to participate. This event is limited to 16 students. Please bring your sketchbook, pencils, an old shirt and pants.
This event is FREE and open to the public.
To RSVP, click here.
To download the flyer, click here


Youth Fashion Design Camp ages 7-10 ends the week with a Fashion Show

Fashion Camp Student Models

This past week 15 campers transformed into working fashion designers for 5 days. After 4 days of designing dresses, creating textile art, making purses, t-shirts, beach totes and fashion illustrations the designers were ready to produce a runway fashion show on the 5th day for their family and friends.  We hope to see you on the runway next year!

Female Fashion Summer Camp Student Second Female Fashion Summer Camp Student fashion camp student design Female and Male Fashion Camp Students


Teen Fashion Camp

Fashion Camp Group Shot of Students

The most recent Teen Fashion Camp was filled with fun and exciting projects that mimicked what a real fashion designer would do to create a collection.

From a new branded name to trends using online sources, these fashionistas created trend books rich in color and new fashions. Each day, they experienced a ‘Fashion Runway” challenge using surprise fabrics and trims.

Fashion denim skirts, pillowcase tank tops, T-shirt totes and accessories were designed, sewn and decorated in time for rehearsal and a live fashion show. 

Come join our next camp on Aug. 5. For more information, contact

Camp student in floral top modeling outfitCamp student next to design on mannequin Camp student in white and pink top modeling outfitCamp student wearing glasses modeling outfitCamp student in blue modeling outfitCamp student in blue next to outfit on mannequinCamp student wearing glasses next to outfit on mannquin

BCIT Fashion Students Visit the RCBC Fashion Department

BCIT fashion students brainstorming BCIT fashion students brainstorming students sketching concepts

High school students got a taste of the college experience in a customized fashion workshop with the RCBC Fashion Department. After discussing what it takes to succeed at college level fashion courses the students spent the morning in teams to conceptualize a new fashion line. Working from a mix of surprise materials, students were asked to create a new fashion product and trend.  Their presentations included the product, customer lifestyle and where their product could be purchased. BCIT students had fun while working on their projects. Each team presented a creative and cohesive collection. It was exciting to see how fast and creative the students worked.

students presenting their fashion challenge

HS Fashion Drawing Workshop

HS Fashion Drawing Workshop HS Fashion Drawing Workshop

This past spring the Rowan College at Burlington County Workforce Development Institute ran their very first Fashion Illustration Workshop for high school students. Eight high school students came to the RCBC campus on Friday nights for 8 weeks for very different reasons. One of the students had attended last year’s summer High School Fashion Design Workshop and decided to apply in her senior year to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Parsons. However, she needed to learn fashion drawing in order to create the required portfolio. We created this specialized workshop for these types of situations. While some students came with very specific goals others came to explore a new art medium or to see if they had what it takes to conceptualize garment designs for an ever changing clothing industry.

 HS Fashion Drawing Workshop HS Fashion Drawing Workshop HS Fashion Drawing Workshop HS Fashion Drawing Workshop

Each student had a different starting point, but by week 8 all had crossed the finish line.  The final presentation consisted of a designed collection of 3 designs with fully rendered fashion figure illustrations along with a concept and fabric board. While each student presented a fantastic array of designs and illustrations it was the “behind the scenes” of the final that impacted their presentations. The students worked from WWD trends, fabric swatches, and current magazines. They also began their creative thinking process in their journals with croqui sketching. This fast paced sketching allowed the students to unlock their creativity and in just a few lessons they were able to create sketched design concepts in a few short minutes. Once they landed on a finalized garment they discussed garment details such as buttons, zippers, waistbands, pockets, collars, and so much more. Real fabric swatches were used and the students learned to render the swatches as garments through a variety of challenges. From plaids to prints the students spent hours on their final portfolio fashion illustrations.

For more information on our next High School Fashion Illustration Workshop and Summer Fashion Design Workshop please email Lisa Steinberg at or or you can download the flyer on this page.

High school students from Monmouth County’s Manalapan High School visit RCBC Fashion Department

Group Photo

On Wednesday, Nov. 4, Manalapan High School students from Barbara Holder’s Family Consumer Science class visited the RCBC Fashion Department. As part of our ongoing Fashion Workshops, High Schools are always welcomed for a private, customized workshop in our Fashion Sewing Lab.

“It is always exciting to have a high school visit our program and show them what we do here,” said Lisa Steinberg coordinator of the Fashion Department.

Manalapan High School students were introduced to the Fashion Program at RCBC, and enjoyed mini-course lessons in fashion drawing and textiles. They ended their visit with an introduction to draping.

For more information about customized workshops for your high school class, please contact Lisa Steinberg, Fashion Department Coordinator, at or (609) 894-9311, ext. 1370.


High School Fashion Workshop at RCBC

Twenty high school students from various schools throughout Burlington County participated in a free “Upcycling Fashion Workshop” at RCBC on the Mount Laurel campus this October.

HS Workshop HS Workshop

In addition to their fashion sense, they brought in discarded objects ranging from everyday household trash to old clothing. Within the first 10 minutes of the workshop, the students unlocked their creative sides with a quick challenge. Using dress forms, they combined fabric, newspapers and plastic trash bags to drape a quick fashion statement. The energy in the room was high as this short-timed exercise progressed.

Once they were warmed up, they prepared to tackle their second challenge. Students were given one hour to take apart existing clothing and use only the left over collars and waistbands from discarded shirts and jeans. Sleeves were turned into bows, sashes and ties, and garments were puffed out by using trash bags and newspapers. During the one hour challenge, students remained keenly focused on designing their garments.

“The one hour felt like 15 minutes,” said one of the student participants.

When they were asked to stop, they were amazed at their “Trash-to-Garment” creations. After the challenge, students displayed their garments and discussed and reviewed the creative process and aesthetics of the garments they made.

If you would like to participate in a future RCBC Fashion Department workshop, please contact Several workshops are offered throughout the year.


Youth Fashion Design Camp

Group Photo

This summer, 21 young fashionistas ages 7 to 12 enrolled in an exciting week at RCBC Fashion Camp, making it a sold-out camp two years in a row.

“We welcomed back some of last years’ fashionistas and welcomed in a new group to experience an exciting week of jam-packed fashion projects,” said Lisa Steinberg, Coordinator of the Fashion Department at RCBC.

Camp Photo Camp Photo

“Once a year I teach Youth Fashion and it is truly a rewarding week. The children remind me of myself at that age and how early I knew I was interested in fashion design as a career,” she explained. “It is their parents that I thank for lending their creative children for a week and for nurturing their creative instincts.”

During the week, the campers created their own fashion and color trends, and sketched the 9-headed fashion figure, also known as a croquis. Once they learned these techniques it was exciting to see how easy it was for them to create clothing designs.

Their favorite activity of the week was the 10-minute fashion draping challenge. Regardless of what they were given to work with (trash bags, rubber bands and other discarded items) the campers created exciting original designs.

The week ended with a full presentation to family and friends. Teams of four presented their final projects, a marketing challenge, which included customer profiles and merchandising plans.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year for another exciting round of “Fashion Week!”

Camp Photos 1 Camp Photo Camp Photo Camp Photo Camp Photo Camp Photo Camp Photo Camp Photo Camp Photo


4 Days of Fashion Design, High School Workshop at RCBC

4 Days of Fashion Design, High School Workshop at RCBC

From June 29 through July 2, 12 high school students from various schools across the region participated in our High School Fashion Workshop. This exciting” fashion week” was jam-packed with college and fashion industry-related projects.

The students started the week by spotting their favorite trends from WWD and then visiting online fashion trend and blog sites to see if their original trend choices were showing up on the runways. After cross researching, the students created their own trend and color boards.

Next, they tackled drawing the fashion croqui figure, which is a little more difficult than it looks. By the end of the day, the students mastered the techniques and sketched their own original fashion designs.

Students from Fashion Camp Students from Fashion Camp Students from Fashion Camp Students from Fashion Camp

The highlight of the week was the “Project Runway” fashion challenges. From 10 minutes for their first challenge to three hours for their final challenge, the students were tasked with focusing their creative energy on making apparel using items like aluminum foil, paper and plastic shopping bags, tea bags, magazines, newspapers and old T-shirts. Snaps, buttons and zippers were also “up-cycled” and the results were amazing! In addition to the apparel, tote bags, purses and other accessories were made from discarded pillowcases, jeans and children’s wear.

When their challenges were complete, the students were put into groups and composed a merchandising plan that included a customer profile, wholesale pricing and types of stores that would carry their apparel line. At the end of the week, friends and family were invited to a presentation of finished projects and plans.

Fashion Camp Fashion Camp Fashion Camp Fashion Camp

For further information about one-day workshops during the school year and the Summer 2016 High School Fashion Workshop, please email: or contact Lisa Steinberg, Fashion Department Coordinator, at