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Sociology Courses

The following lists the sociology courses offered at Rowan College at Burlington County.

SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
3 credits, 3/0/0 FA/SP/SU
This course focuses on the science and theory that sociologists use to understand the social world. It examines the social construction of reality, the place of institutions in modern society, and the forces that shape human social interactions.

SOC 160 Society, Ethics, and Technology
3 credits, Prerequisite: ENG 101, 3/0/0
This course provides a framework for understanding the ways in which technology has transformed society and for assessing the social, ethical, global, environmental, and professional issues associated with these changes. Students will also have the opportunity to conduct investigations into the following areas: professional responsibility, ethical implications, respect for diversity, and the need for life-long learning.

SOC 201 Social Problems
3 credits, Prerequisite: SOC 101, 3/0/0, FA/SP
This course focuses on sociological principles and methods as they are applied to an analysis of selected problems in contemporary American society. It emphasized world overpopulation; poverty, crime and violence; social inequality; alcohol and drug abuse; the economy; and environmental pollution.

SOC 205 Marriage and the Family
3 credits, Prerequisite: SOC 101 and PSY 101, 3/0/0, FA/SP/SU
This course is a comparative study of the institutions of marriage and the family in various societies, with special emphasis on the sociological study of courtship; marriage; and family development and organization in the contemporary American family.

SOC 207 Media, Popular Culture, and Society
3 credits, Prerequisite: SOC 101, 3/0/0
This course explores the connections among media, popular culture, and the digital revolution. After an historical overview, new technologies are related to their economic, political, social, and cultural significance. Student projects focus on their impact on the production, distribution, and consumption of information and entertainment. Each student examines one technology issue in depth.

SOC 208 Social Class in America
3 credits, Prerequisite: SOC 101, 3/0/0
This course investigates the dimensions of social inequality in the United States. It focuses on an analysis of the historical forces leading to existing patterns within the contemporary social  class system. It emphasizes the consequences of social class position in such areas as a jobs, health care, education, social mobility, and family patterns.

SOC 209 Introduction to Women's Studies
3 credits, 3/0/0
This course is an overview of women's participation in a variety of fields, including history, politics, and the workforce. It also examines women's issues.

SOC 210 Minority Groups
3 credits, Prerequisite: SOC 101, 3/0/0, SP
This course focuses on the causes, consequences, and justifications f the inequalities associated with race, gender, and ethnicity in the United States and in other societies. It examines current social policies and explores alternative routes to social change.

SOC 211 Sociology of Death and Dying
3 credits
This course provides a broad introduction of death and dying which include areas of euthanasia, suicide, terminal illness, funderal and burial rituals, as well as cultural and ethical values related to death. This course also presents stages of grief and bereavement as well as the process of death and dying among various groups.