New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey at RCBC

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Subject/Grade Level Academic Requirements

How do I know if I have the qualifications to teach Elementary, Middle or High School?

The following are the academic requirements your college transcript/s must reflect. To show subject competency you must also pass the Praxis Subject Assessment in your subject area. A few subjects require no Praxis exams.

If you are uncertain if you have the credits to teach a subject, the DOE will review your transcripts for a fee from October until April of each year. You must indicate on the application the endorsement (subject area) you want evaluated as that is the only area that will be evaluated. The fee will be applied toward your CE application. The NPTNJ office is not permitted to review transcripts.

  • Elementary Education (grades K-6)          

                  To qualify for a CE in elementary education you must have 60 credits in liberal arts.

  • Middle School (grades 5-8): There are multiple requirements to qualify.

To teach middle school you must have two CEs, one in elementary education (60 liberal arts credits) and one in Elementary Education with middle school     specialization (science, math, social studies, English/language arts or a world language (Spanish, French, etc.).  You may also add a middle school specialization to a content area CE (i.e. English, Social Studies, Technology, etc.)

Your transcript must show 15 credits in the subject you plan to teach. No credits above the 200 level are required.

There are specific Praxis Subject Assessment exams for all grade 5-8 specialization areas, with the exception of world languages. For any of the world languages you must take the subject area Praxis test, and follow the additional world language regulations (not included here and available from the DOE).

If you hope to teach a subject in middle school that is not one of the middle school specialization areas mentioned above (such as physical education or art)   you will need a subject area CE, explained below. If you have a subject area CE you may teach this subject K-12 and do not need an elementary or middle school CE

  • To Qualify to Teach High School (grades 9-12):

A subject area CE is required. To qualify for a CE in a subject area such as math, social studies, English, physical sciences, psychology, etc., 30 credits in the subject field are required. Though a subject area CE is often referred to as a high school or secondary CE, a subject area CE qualifies you to teach that subject K-12.

The credits must be in a coherent sequence, 100-400 level, with a minimum of 12 credits at the 300-400 (junior/senior/graduate) level.     

A subject area CE is the most versatile CE and gives you the option of teaching that subject K-12. A subject area CE does not require an elementary CE or middle school CE.

  • To Qualify to Teach a Career and Technical subject, Business Education, or Family and Consumer Science:

All career and technical subjects (with the exception of Teacher of Technology), business education, and family and consumer science teachers are required to enroll in the alternate route program offered at Brookdale Community College. Contact Ms. Danielle Basmagy at

Summary of Requirements to Teach at Different Levels, K-12

  • Pre K -3 is a separate program at NJCU and other New Jersey Colleges and Universities.
  • To teach K-6 an Elementary Education CE is required. (see subject area CE exception)
  • To teach middle school a CE in Elementary Education (or another K-12 subject area) and a CE in a middle school specialization in one of the five areas is required.
  • A subject area CE qualifies you to teach the subject K-12. Thirty credits in that subject are required. A subject area CE is the most versatile and gives you the most employment options. You may teach only that subject and may not teach an elementary or middle school classroom where all subjects taught by one teacher with a subject area CE.


****Special Notice****

The NPTNJ office does not review transcript/s, advise on what you are qualified to teach, determine what credits might be missing, or if your course work has fulfilled the physiology and hygiene requirement. This is the sole jurisdiction of the DOE Office of Certification and Induction. Remember, only the endorsements (subject area/s) you list in on the CE application will be considered for transcript review and approval.

You will receive your CE from the DOE when their review is complete and if you meet the qualifications. The process is sometimes a lengthy one and we suggest you start the application process as soon as possible.