New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey at RCBC

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Glossary of Terms

DOE:  New Jersey Department of Education

Certificate of Eligibility (CE): Shows the person has the qualifications to teach in New Jersey and may seek employment in the subject area/s indicated.  This is NOT a teaching license.

Certificate of Advanced Standing (CEAS): Same as a CE but is only issued to people   who have graduated from a traditional teacher preparation program and completed student teaching

Provisional License: Two-year license that allows first year teachers to begin working in the classroom and legalizes employment. Upon employment, the school or school district enrolls the new teacher in the Provisional Teacher Program.

Provisional Teacher Program (PTP): The combination of training, support and evaluation required by the state of New Jersey for alternate route teachers.

Standard License: The permanent credential that allows the holder to serve without condition in all New Jersey schools. The standard license is issued after meeting all requirements of the provisional license.