Office of the Registrar

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College Transfers

The evaluation process begins after a student applies as a degree-seeking student or declares a major at RCBC. Students seeking to transfer credit from another accredited, post secondary institution must submit official transcripts from institutions regionally accredited by the Council for Higher Education.

The course transfer process is as follows:

  1. All courses, regardless of mode of delivery, are evaluated based on equivalency to RCBC courses. Courses that do not equate to a RCBC course are given a 990 course code and elective credit within the division of the course (i.e. ART 990, PHI 990, etc.).
  2. Courses that are completed at other colleges and universities that grant Quarter Hours are converted into credits hours based on the conversion table of Converting Quarter Hours to Semester Hours.
  3. A transfer course that is more credits than the equivalent RCBC course is awarded the same credits allotted to the RCBC course. If the transfer course is a lower number of credits, it will be transferred in as elective credit.
  4. Courses completed at other colleges and universities must have a grade of “C” or better for transfer, unless a higher grade is required for a selective admissions program as published by the college catalog.
  5. **Course descriptions are reviewed from other colleges and universities to verify course content. The descriptions are viewed on the institution’s website, course catalog, or course descriptions/syllabi supplied by the college or university.
  6. **In the instances where course descriptions are vague or do not match RCBC course descriptions, the academic division deans review the descriptions and content to determine course equivalency for transfer.
  7. Courses taken in mathematics, the sciences, and computer science are subject to review after five years and all other courses are subject to review after ten years.
  8. Transfer credit will be reflected on the student’s RCBC official transcript by course title, credit hours awarded, and a “TR” code to indicate transfer. No grades are recorded for transfer courses and they will not affect the calculation of the RCBC grade point average. However, the total credit hours achieved will apply toward fulfilling the graduation requirement.
  9. Burlington County College participates in NJ Transfer and accepts all course equivalencies listed on the NJ Transfer website (

Transfer students must be placed or waived from the Basic Skills Test prior to registration as published in the “College Assessment” section of the college catalog.