Sculpture Garden

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Current Exhibition


Colleen Rudolf
Bronze, concrete
Carrying capacity is an ecological concept that is defined as the maximal population size that an ecosystem can support without being degraded in some fashion.  Once a population of organisms overshoots its carrying capacity, the ecosystem that supports the population becomes impaired, which in turn has negative consequences for the population that has grown too large.  --Tom Wessels
In this piece, by her material choices, Rudolf questions value and the hierarchy that emerges as a result of limited resources.

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Cries & Whispers

Antoinette P. Schultze
Vermont marble, granite, glass
I use shape and color symbolism to represent gender and passion in an expression of my reverence for life and my love of nature and the materials that I use to create my sculptures. "Cries And Whispers" is an expression of feminine musing.

Sculpture Image
Flags in Red
Thomas Yurkovic

Welded and painted steel
"Flags in Red" began as a simple wire and paper model which I designed solely as a study of balance and form. Its minimalist composition and hard, straight lines appealed to me aesthetically, and also made it possible to create in a large scale using readily available materials and techniques. The structure was welded from plate steel and pipe, and once assembled, was sandblasted and painted. "Flags," to me, still possesses the spontaneity of the study model, but I could foresee early on that if produced at a certain scale, the form could be expressive and intriguing due to its positive/negative space relationship, and use of balance.