Spring Ahead

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Spring Ahead

Attention High School Seniors!

Take Advantage of Rowan College at Burlington County’s Spring Ahead Program!

High school seniors who are interested in RCBC may take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn more about RCBC, get an overview of RCBC programs, and learn how to gain the education needed to achieve any career goal.

The Office of Outreach and Admissions will visit each high school to provide step-by-step assistance with the enrollment process, frequently asked questions, and to conduct on-site testing sessions. Check our Upcoming Events to see when RCBC will be at your high school.

Enroll at RCBC in 4 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Attend an information session at your high school.
Check our upcoming events for information on when RCBC will be at your high school.

Step 2: Apply* with our Application.

Step 3: Take the Placement Exam** at your high school during school hours.
Visit the Test Center website for sample exam questions and practice.  

Step 4: Attend your High School Registration Visit*** at RCBC !
Check our upcoming events for information on when your high school will visit RCBC .

*Students must have completed the application at least 2 weeks prior to the testing visit.
**Not all high schools participate in the on-site testing days at the high school. If an on-site testing day is not available, students must come to a
RCBC Test Center on their own. 
***Students must complete an application and have the appropriate testing completed 2 weeks prior to attending the registration visit.


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