Spring Ahead

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Spring Ahead FAQ

How much does it cost to apply to RCBC ?
If a student applies using the RCBC Online Application there is no associated cost.

Who is eligible to take the Placement Exam?
Any student who is interested in attending RCBC and has completed an online application can sit for the exam. RCBC applications must be completed one week prior to testing date. Students with RCBC CAP course will also need to complete the online application.

Who is exempt from taking the Placement Exam?

  • Students who took the SAT prior to March 2016: Those with scores of 540 or higher on SAT Critical Reading and 530 or higher on SAT Math section are not required to take the Placement Exam.  
  • Students who took the SAT on or after March 2016 will have their scores converted using the SAT Score Converter.
  • Students with ACT scores of 23 or higher in Reading and 20 or higher in Math are not required to take the Placement Exam.
  • Students who have taken college-level English and Math courses with a grade of a C or higher are not required to take the Placement Exam.

(NOTE: Additional requirements may be needed in specific degree programs)

What is to be expected on testing day? 
There will be no use of electronic devices during the exam. This includes but is not limited to cell phones, head phones, calculators, and tablets.  There is to be no talking or discussion during the exam.  If a student has a question or concern they may raise their hand and a RCBC representative will assist them. 

What do you need to take the placement exam?
Students will need a pen or pencil. A piece of scrap paper will be provided to each student.  There is a calculator built into the exam. Students are not permitted to use a personal calculator.

How long does the placement exam take to complete?
The duration of the exam varies based on each student (Approximately 2 hours).  The only timed section is the 30-minute essay. Please provide a list of students requiring extended time to your RCBC liaison one week prior to testing. 

What happens if a student is unable to complete the exam?
If a student is unable to complete the exam due to an absence, emotional or physical distress, etc must return to RCBC at a later date to complete the exam.

What if a student is unhappy with their results?
If a student is unhappy with their Placement Exam results they have the option to challenge one or all portions of the exam. Students may retake (challenge) each section of the exam one time.

When does the registration visit take place?
The high school registration visits take place during school hours during the Spring. A permission slip (high school counselors provide this to your student) must be completed and handed in to the high school guidance counselor prior to the visit.

How can my student attend the registration visit?
Students who successfully apply and take the placement exam or submit SAT or ACT scores can attend the registration visit. Students MUST submit a permission slip to their high school guidance counselors allowing them to attend the visit.

What happens on the registration visit?
Students are provided a light breakfast while receiving and overview of the day, the registration process, the transfer process, and financial aid information. Students are then given a tour of the campus. Each student meets with an academic advisor to choose their courses and register for the Fall Semester.