Military Education & Veteran Services

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Important Information Every Student Should Know

When your status changes, it could affect your benefits. Failing classes, dropping, withdrawal from a course or failure to attend all risk the proper payment of your benefits.


Qualifying for Benefits

To qualify for veterans' benefits, you must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program. If you are entering RCBC for the first time and believe you are eligible for veterans' educational assistance, apply at the Office of Veterans Affairs, Student Services Center, Parker Center, on the Pemberton campus. The office has both day and evening hours to ensure access to all veteran students seeking information and assistance. Appointments are also available at the Technology and Engineering Center, Mt. Laurel, NJ and the Ft. Dix and McGuire AFB Education Centers on the Joint Base MDL.

It normally takes eight weeks after class begins to receive the first payment following submission of certification of enrollment. On receipt of your Certificate of Eligibility from the VA it is important you bring a copy to the Veterans Affairs office immediately or scan and email to

The Office of Veterans Affairs will serve as your focal point of contact. The financial aid staff is sensitive to the needs and problems faced by veterans returning to college, and strive to assure each veteran a successful academic experience.


 Academic Program at Fort Dix and McGuire AFB

RCBC offers courses at the Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base Education Centers located on the Joint Base MDL. The college's Pemberton campus is only 10 minutes from either base.


Change in Status

If you are using GI Bill benefits, it is essential that you contact the Office of Veterans Affairs each term to report your registration, and to make sure that you have been certified for that term. Veterans must also report any course changes during the term, to keep their file updated, and to avoid any unnecessary overpayment of benefits.


 Veteran Absenteeism

Excessive absenteeism could result in your benefits being decreased or terminated. The Veterans Affairs Office is kept informed of attendance records, and will take appropriate actions to prevent overpayments by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The reported change posted to the VA will be determined by the date of your last attendance. As outlined by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the date of last attendance is defined as one of the following:

  1. Date officially withdrawn. A Drop/Add form must be submitted to the Registration Department.
  2. Date that you failed to demonstrate satisfactory progress, as defined by the Institution's Standards of Academic Progress.
  3. Definite date of last attendance from instructor's records.
  4. For those classes where attendance is not mandatory, this date will be determined from the last activity date reflected in the instructor's records; either the last paper submitted or the last examination completed per month for the first 12 months of active duty. In addition, the character of discharge must be honorable. Veterans are entitled to 36 months of training under Chapter 30, and it must be used within ten years of discharge from active duty (delimiting date).


VA Work Study Program

Veterans who train at the three-quarter or full-time rate may be eligible for a work-study program in which they work for VA and receive hourly wages. The types of work allowed include:

  1. Outreach services
    1. VA paperwork
    2. Work at national or state veterans cemeteries
    3. Work at VA medical centers or state veterans homes
    4. Other VA approved activities


Referrals for Additional Needs

The Military Education and Veteran Services staff are sensitive to the needs of veterans and their families and strive to ensure that each student has the best opportunity to succeed individually and as part of our RCBC family. The staff is trained to work through processes to ensure the veteran receives entitled educational benefits including free tutors for some programs. There are on sight counselors available who are trained to help veterans with mental health needs at no cost and no referral. Kathy O'Grady, MSW is available for veterans of all branches of the US Military, she can be reached at or 609-882-5744. If you'd like to talk giver her a call she's here to help you when you need it!



Should you find yourself struggling in a class, dont wait seek out a tutor today. Contact your Military Education and Veteran Services staff to see if you qualify for free tutoring services many qualify dont wait, ask!!