Sharing African American culture with the RCBC community.

Rowan College at Burlington County's African American Cultural Committee develops and coordinates a comprehensive program of educational, cultural, and social activities that provide the college community with an opportunity to share in the contributions made by individuals of African descent. The events are designed to increase knowledge, enhance leadership, and strengthen the will to achieve. The committee recognizes that African American history is an excellent learning opportunity for the entire college community and our objectives to achieve our mission include:

  • Enlist the participation of students, college employees, and community members in planning, supporting and attending African American cultural events.
  • Plan and sponsor events throughout the year which showcases the complexity of the African American history and culture to a diverse population. 
  • Broaden the college community's awareness regarding the contributions of African Americans in shaping our society.

For more information about Black History Month events or the RCBC African American Cultural Committee, please call (856) 291-4264.

2020 Black History Month Events

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