Get ahead with $95-per-credit classes for a special summer offer at RCBC!

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  • Summer First 7 Week begins 5/16.
  • Summer 10 Week begins 5/23.
  • Summer 12 Week begins 5/16
  • Summer 5 Week begins 7/11.
  • Summer Second 7 Week begins 7/13.
  • Fall 15 Week begins 8/31.
  • Fall First 7 Week begins 9/6.
  • Fall 10 Week begins 9/28.
  • Fall Second 7 Week begins 10/26.

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Whether you’re looking to knock out some gen-eds, retake a challenging course or get a jumpstart on your degree, RCBC has the courses you need at the right price

Attend the #1 community college in New Jersey. Become a Baron.

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*Special offer does not apply to culinary and health science courses. Books and course fees are not included.