Partner with RCBC to create your culinary future.

Regardless of your current stage in the business life cycle, if you’re looking for a space to experiment, create and co-mingle with fellow foodies, look no further than Rowan College at Burlington County’s Community Kitchen. 

Culinary artists and entrepreneurs of all levels are invited to join RCBC’s community of food-minded individuals. Our culinary incubator includes a unique collective of students, educators, employees and employers. 

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Available facility accommodations

RCBC’s state-of-the-art, multi-use facility accommodates both learners and entrepreneurs. Including access to a:

  • Full-service production kitchen including commercial equipment.
  • Demonstration hall and theater with tiered seating, including live stream and recording capabilities.
  • Teaching kitchen that provides six personal cooking stations.
  • Culinary and ServSafe courses to advance your skill set. 
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Diane Fehder in the RCBC kitchenWhat do the professionals say?

Local pastry chef Diane Fehder, who boasts wins on both Food Network’s “Sugar Dome” and Netflix’s “Sugar Rush Christmas,” touts RCBC’s culinary facilities as top notch. Fehder also teaches pastry arts at RCBC. 

“I absolutely love working out of the RCBC culinary kitchens in Mount Holly,”

Fehder said. “The facilities are clean, organized and of the highest quality. It is a luxury to have a three-compartment sink and full working dishwashing machine. The convection oven is accurate and efficient, and the physical workspace is plentiful. As a new business or culinary entrepreneur, it is a great option to utilize a full commercial kitchen without having to invest in purchasing one.”