Culinary student makes baking dreams a reality at RCBC
Tuesday, Sep 07, 2021

Nailea Villarini

Imagine going to a college where every class you take provides memories and lessons you’ll never forget. That’s the experience Rowan College at Burlington County student Nailea Villarini relayed when asked about her time as a culinary technology major. 

“I chose RCBC because it was the only school in my area that offered culinary and pastry classes at an affordable price,” Villarini, of Pennsauken, said. “I pay out of pocket, and it has been great to attend a community college that offers classes on what I love to do.”

Love is an understatement. Villarini has fostered an interest in baking since childhood when she would help her mother in the kitchen. Now, in her senior year at RCBC, she continues to hone her skills both at the college and at Bread and Bagels, in Cherry Hill, where she assists the head baker. 

“My favorite thing about baking is that it relaxes me,” Villarini said. “Although some aspects of baking can be difficult, it gives me focus and a type of calm that I enjoy. When I bake, I focus on what’s in front of me and other problems and worries in life float away.”

As for her future goals, Villarini hopes to eventually work her way up to making desserts and pastries at a casino.

“All the casinos that I’ve been to that have restaurants or buffets always have the most delicious looking display of desserts,” Villarini said. “One day I hope to take part in creating beautiful products like that.”

Aside from baking, Villarini enjoys reading comic books, drawing and spending time with her family and friends. 

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