Lockheed Martin donates $10,000 of equipment to RCBC’s engineering department
Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021

Alexander Silvestro of Lockheed Martin standing with STEM department and Network and System Analyzers

Lockheed Martin, through its partnership with Rowan College at Burlington County, and in support of their computer and engineering technology programs, recently donated two Spectrum Analyzers and two Network Analyzers to the college.

Lockheed and RCBC maintain close ties in aligning curriculum with industry needs, as well as in imparting required skills and competencies to students, preparing them for internships and full-time employment at Lockheed. 

Lockheed’s equipment donation of the Spectrum and Network Analyzers will advance RCBC’s capabilities in educating and preparing students for the workforce. This equipment allows students to test frequencies over time by analyzing signals and wave propagations, helping to control communications. Developing a comprehensive knowledge of the operation and use of these instruments allows students to achieve and verify optimal performance of devices such as antennas, cables and amplifiers in networks. 

“This is our way of helping RCBC, so they can help us,” Alexander Silvestro, of Lockheed Martin, said. “The technicians who report to me use this equipment on a daily basis. If RCBC students use it in their classrooms, they will come to me a step ahead. Students having this advanced capability make them a more attractive hire for Lockheed and the industry, as well.” 

In fact, Silvestro has recently hired four RCBC alum to full-time positions at Lockheed. 

“This is a great example of the synergies that exist between Rowan College at Burlington County and leading employers such as Lockheed Martin,” said RCBC President Dr. Michael A. Cioce. “We appreciate the donation and the way that Lockheed enhances our curriculum, leading to amazing career opportunities for RCBC students.”

RCBC offers high-quality degree programs in Electrical Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology, all of which will be enhanced by the donation of this equipment by Lockheed Martin.

RCBC is grateful to Lockheed Martin, and all industrial partners, for their support of the curriculum, facilities and students. To learn more about RCBC’s engineering programs, visit rcbc.edu/academics/engineering-technology.