RCBC’s inaugural Saxbys Student CEO aims to Make Life Better for Barons
Tuesday, Feb 01, 2022

Owen Taylor

For the past six years, Rowan College at Burlington County student Owen Taylor has been teaching himself how to write music, as well as how to sing, play guitar and dabble in the piano.

“I spend a lot of my time writing and releasing songs under the name ‘Shulin’ on streaming platforms and making videos for them on YouTube,” Taylor shared. “Aside from music, I love reading and writing stories, hiking and camping, spending time with friends and exploring new places.”

Taylor’s talents don’t stop there. As a 3+1 Business Administration student, he plans to prepare himself for another side of the music industry: production. 

“My interest in business is tied directly to my interest in music,” Taylor said. “I love the art form and everything behind it, but it is also a business. So, if I have one goal, it will be to take what I learn from my degree and apply it directly to the music industry.”

Taylor, who is one of five siblings and grew up homeschooled, has taken off since enrolling at RCBC. He’s recently earned a position as the first Student Cafe Executive Officer (SCEO) of the Saxbys cafe set to open on campus this March. The Saxbys Experiential Learning Platform allows students to run and manage all aspects of their cafes, from team development and community leadership to managing the entire profit and loss statement. 

“I see so much potential for Saxbys to become a part of RCBC life,” Taylor said. “It may simply be a cafe, but the people behind it have the ability to create strong connections to the community with the space (and coffee) that Saxbys provides. It gives us an opportunity to make mistakes, grow and learn together within a working environment.

“I’m looking forward to working not just with the entire Saxbys team, but the faculty of RCBC as well, on making Saxbys an active member of the RCBC community,” Taylor added. “What I hope to get most out of the role as Student CEO is to help me to grow as a leader, an entrepreneur and as an individual. The Saxbys mission is to ‘Make Life Better’” so if I can, I’ll do my best to use the tools being provided to me to try and make life better for my fellow students.”

As for his overall experience at the college, Taylor posits that RCBC has provided the space for him to grow academically and develop lasting relationships with his peers. 

“My memorable experiences with RCBC have less to do with the school itself and more the space it provided,” Taylor said. “While I was finishing my associate degree, I had several friends who were also enrolled at RCBC, and we would spend a great deal of time with each other in Laurel/Votta Hall and the Student Success Center. They aren’t enrolled anymore, but I’m still very fond of the spaces where we could all be together.”

To learn more about RCBC’s 3+1 programs, visit rcbc.edu/3plus1