RCBC 3+1 student Andwele Pizarro
Thursday, Feb 21, 2019


Andwele Pizarro

After living in Brooklyn, New York, for most of his life, Andwele Pizarro needed to make some adjustments when he moved to Mount Holly and enrolled in RCBC for a quality education that would be close to his new home. First, he got his driver’s license and then, thanks to RCBC’s affordability and his earnings from a part-time job, Andwele was able to buy a car. 

In the city, much of his education was focused on the arts. At RCBC, he saw the college’s transformation from the Pemberton Campus to the modernized Mount Laurel Campus and decided to make a change himself. He is majoring in biology and pursing a bachelor’s through RCBC’s historic 3+1 program, which allows students to earn a four-year degree from Rowan University and save around $75,000. Students complete three years at RCBC’s affordable tuition and then finish their required credits in their senior year with Rowan University.

“I had focused on art throughout high school, but growing up, I was very interested in nature, living things, processes - I also really enjoy ecology,” said Andwele. “So when I saw that biology was part of the 3+1 program, I thought, ‘Why not?’ 3+1 is the best way to earn a college education.”

Andwele started his senior year as a Rowan University student on RCBC’s Mount Laurel Campus this semester.

Andwele's story is part of RCBC’s 50 stories for 50 years. In honor of the college’s 50th anniversary, RCBC is profiling students, faculty, administrators, alumni and the college community. Anyone interested in being featured can contact rcbcnews@rcbc.edu. To follow along on social media, use #RCBC50Stories.