RCBC student takes namesake to next level with computer science degree
Wednesday, Aug 04, 2021

Ciyhanni Robinson

If a computer company is named after you, does it increase your likelihood of pursuing a computer science career? For Rowan College at Burlington County student Ciyhanni Robinson, the answer is yes. Robinson, whose late grandfather owned Ciyhanni Technical Solutions, has been surrounded by computers her entire life. As a child, she learned a great deal just by observing and then helping her grandfather fix clients’ computers. 

“That really inspired me,” Robinson shared. “After my grandfather passed away, I realized that I wanted to continue what he had a passion for, so I decided to major in computer science.”

That decision paid off in many ways including earning Lockheed Martin’s Vocational Scholarship, which awards recipients $6,600 toward their studies. When asked how it felt to win, Robinson said that she’d never earned a scholarship before and didn’t think she would win one that was open to community college students throughout the nation.

“It feels amazing and unbelievable that I’ve earned this scholarship,” Robinson said. “I proved myself wrong. I’m very proud of myself for achieving something so incredible. I believe as long as you work hard and you put in the time and energy, anything’s possible.”

Robinson, of New Brunswick, chose RCBC due to its affordability and the many opportunities offered by the college. 

“I love everything RCBC provides to its students, especially the beautiful campus, amazing professors and faculty and their 3+1 program,” Ciyhanni said. “Everyone here is very easy-going and friendly, which makes it a great environment to be a part of.” 

Although Ciyhanni’s first year at RCBC was completely online, she said she’ll never forget how helpful and interactive her professors were. She also found that she was able to still work collaboratively with her classmates in a virtual environment.

“Without them, my classes would have been so difficult,” Robinson recalled. “I joined some clubs, and I became one of the vice presidents of the computer science club. The president of the club, Steven Warner, became a good friend of mine, and we would collaborate on ideas we could implement for the club. Overall, I had a memorable experience at RCBC even though it was virtual. I can’t wait to be back on campus.”

Robinson’s future goals include transferring to Rutgers-New Brunswick to pursue a degree in business analytics and information technology, combining her passions for both tech and finance. She eventually hopes to become an investment banker or business analyst in New York City.  

An avid reader, Ciyhanni pores over books about mindfulness, business and the stock market during her free time. She also invests in stocks and learns as much as she can about the stock market. When she’s not busy increasing her knowledge, she enjoys nature photography and fashion, shopping at both the mall and thrift stores.