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Blackboard Login

If you are a student taking a spring 2018 online, hybrid or web enhanced course and you have taken any course(s) that used Blackboard at RCBC in 2015, 2016 or 2017, you may continue using your existing account and your Spring course(s) will appear automatically on the day they are scheduled to begin.  Courses will not be displayed until the first day of the term in which they are offered.

New accounts for students who did NOT take courses in Blackboard during 2015, 2016 or 2017 will be created shortly before the start of the term; therefore you will not be able to log in until August 30 in the late afternoon, or two business days after you register, whichever is later.

Students who did not take courses in Blackboard in 2015, 2016 or 2017 must use the instructions below to login.

5 Minute Login Tutorial Login to Blackboard Reset Your Password

Step-by-step Login Procedure

  1. Go to http://rcbc.blackboard.com
    Troubleshooting tip: If you do not see a RCBC logo above the username and password box you may be at the wrong site - please try again!
  2. If you receive any security warnings read them carefully and use your best judgment in accepting what makes the most sense to you
    Troubleshooting tip: We strongly recommend that you have and run anti-virus software whenever you are on the Internet. Also, using a compatible or certified web browser will provide the best experience in your online course.
  3. Type your Blackboard Username in the space provided
    Your Blackboard User name is the same as your WebAdvisor User ID and your MyMail Username. For most RCBC students this is your first name followed by an "underscore" (underline character) and your last name. For example, a student named John Brown would have a user ID of 'john_brown' (without the quotes).
    Troubleshooting tip: Try visiting the WebAdvisor FAQ page or the MyMail FAQ page for more information on RCBC usernames.
  4. Type your Password in the space provided
    Passwords are reset periodically! Your initial Blackboard password is the date-of-birth RCBC has on file for you in MMDDYY format with no punctuation and no spaces. For example, a student born on Jan, 1, 2001 would have an initial Password of '010101' (without the quotes) and a student born on November 25, 1976 would have an initial password '112576' (without the quotes).
    Troubleshooting tip: Try visiting the WebAdvisor FAQ page for more information on RCBC passwords.
  5. Click the Login button. You will be taken to the RCBC Distance Education page
    The first time you log into Blackboard you will use your birth date as your initial login and you must change your password immediately. This is very important! Changing your Blackboard password does not change your password on other RCBC systems. We also recommend that you investigate the "Personal Information" and "Privacy Options" settings available from the My Places area.
  6. Click your name near the top right-hand corner of the screen
    Then click Settings near the bottom of the drop-down menu and select the "Personal Information" link then "Change Password" - enter a new password twice then click the Submit button to create your personal, self-selected password. You will use your own self-selected password for the rest of the term. Do not forget your self-selected password! On every login thereafter you will be taken directly to your RCBC Distance Education page.
    Troubleshooting tip: In case you ever forget your password you can have a temporary password sent to your RCBC email address by using the "Forgot Your Password?" link from the Blackboard entry page, by using your RCBC email address and this link, you can get your password reset 24/7, automatically.
  7. After changing your password, return to the RCBC eLearning page and click on the course title to enter your course(s)
    Troubleshooting tip: If the term has not yet begun, or has ended, you will not be able to access any courses.