In this course, you will use your knowledge of productivity tools to work productively in the cloud-based Google Apps environment.

Using Google Drive and Apps

You will:

  • Navigate in the Google Apps environment.
  • Store documents by using Google Drive.
  • Collaborate with Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings.
  • Collaborate with Google Sheets and Forms.
  • Communicate using Google Hangouts.
  • Manage schedules by using Google Calendar.
  • Collaborate by using Google Sites.


What You Will Cover:

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Topic A: Navigate Google Apps

Topic B: Communicate Using Gmail

Lesson 2: Storing Documents Using Google Drive

Topic A: Add Folders and Files

Topic B: Manage Folders and Files

Lesson 3: Collaborating Using Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings

Topic A: Collaborate Using Google Docs

Topic B: Collaborate Using Google Slides

Topic C: Collaborate Using Google Drawings

Lesson 4: Collaborating Using Google Sheets and Forms

Topic A: Collaborate Using Google Sheets

Topic B: Collaborate Using Google Forms

Lesson 5: Communicating Using Google Hangouts

Topic A: Communicate Using Hangout Conversations

Topic B: Communicate Using Hangout Video Calls

Lesson 6: Managing Schedules Using Google Calendar

Topic A: Create Events

Topic B: Customize Your Calendar

Topic C: Create an Additional Calendar

Topic D: Manage Tasks