This pilot program is part of RCBC's High School Quick Step Program which gives high school juniors, seniors and recent graduates access to special career training programs for well-paying jobs or in-demand industries.

The free Transportation, Logistics and Distribution/Supply Chain (TLD) training program prepares individuals with the latest skills and certifications required for a career in supply chain management. 

Transportation, Logistics and Distribution/Supply Chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product from supplier to customer. Students will be connected with employers through the program’s post-interviewing process.

This program includes three modules of the SCPro industry certification from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). The comprehensive certification from CSCMP includes an additional five modules that can be taken after the High School Quick-Step program completion at RCBC. 

Upon completion, this course articulates to three (3) Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) credits toward RCBC's Technical Studies, Associates of Applied Science, degree program. 

Three Modules Included:

Supply Chain Management Principles

Fundamentally, what is a supply chain and its different functions? How does a supply chain work and what kind of careers are associated with supply chain management? This track defines the concept of the supply chain and all of its components from raw materials extracted from the earth to retail products ready for purchase by consumers. The principles learned in this track provide the necessary foundation for fully comprehending the following certification tracks. Supply Chain Principles is a launch pad from which to rocket your learning experience into assured success in the remaining certification tracks and is recommended as a prerequisite to the other certification tracks. The Supply Chain Principles certification also stands alone as a high-level overview of supply chain management.

Customer Service Operations

What does it take to retain customers and “wow” them to the point that they choose your company for a product or service every single time? What can you do to transform an irate customer into a loyal customer for life? This track discusses both internal and external customers and how to deliver superior value to both. Upon completion of this track, participants will be capable of describing the management of customer relationships including the importance of communication, perceptions, understanding the product & service and knowing quality as it pertains to customer service. Associated careers are Customer Service Manager, Call Center Supervisor, Customer Support Agent, Service Recovery Specialist, Service Quality Assurance Manager, and Complaint Specialist.

Transportation Operations

How do products and materials get to where they need to be? How do retail stores replenish the inventory on their shelves overnight? How do bananas from Costa Rica make it to 150 countries around the world before they spoil? How does a human heart make it to an emergency operating room in Egypt from a facility in France in four hours? This certification track explains in detail the different types of transportation modes (air, water, rail, and pipeline) used throughout the supply and reasons for selecting certain modes. The track looks at cost drivers (dimensions, weight, speed, etc.), delivery requirements and other special requirements (refrigerated or hazardous materials) as inputs to key transportation decisions. Careers in Transportation Operations include Logistics Engineer, Routing Specialist, Transportation Manager/ Supervisor, Logistician, Transportation Safety Specialist, Customs Compliance Specialist, Freight Forwarder Associate.

To be considered for a grant-funded scholarship, potential students must meet and complete the following requirements:
  • Possess a strong work ethic
  • Ability to follow through and complete projects
  • Have a good attendance record
  • Provide a reference
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