This course is designed specifically for those who are new to computers. It will introduce you to basic computer hardware and functionality and will teach you how to confidently operate a computer.

All exercises will be shown on a Windows 10 based computer.

You will learn:
  • The components of a computer.
  • How to use a mouse.
  • How to properly start and shut down your computer.
  • Using Windows to create, open, delete, save, print documents, etc.
  • Understanding files and directories (how to find a file, sorting files, etc.)
  • Connecting to the internet and understanding website addresses
  • How to download/upload files.
  • Using email.
  • Computer dangers and security (Keeping your computer virus free, clicking on a hyperlink and how to know if the link is safe to click on, determining if an email is safe to open.)
  • Copying files to an external drive.
  • Why you should backup (make copies) of your data and computer.
  • Computer maintenance for new users.