Microsoft Office applications can help you keep organized, work effectively, as well as, discover and bring forward your most creative ideas.

Learn all about what Microsoft Office has to offer you!

Microsoft Office Courses

The Foundations of Microsoft Office Excel

Learn how to use Microsoft Office Excel to cater to your professional and individual needs.

The uses for Excel are endless, and this class is a great foundation! You will gain the skills to create budgets, keep track of bill payments or you can use Excel to analyze data visually, in both tables and charts. You will be able to edit, format and print basic worksheets and more. If you’re searching for a job, this is a must-have!

Included: Electronic Microsoft Office Excel Reference Guide.

Digging Deeper into Microsoft Office Excel

Dig deeper into the essential tips and tricks to make your Excel experience easier and efficient.

Learn functions of pivot tables, VLOOKUP’s, as well as how to create templates and how to sort and filter data (and more). If you enjoyed learning the foundations of Excel, this class is the perfect addition.

Included: Electronic Microsoft Office Excel Reference Guide

Microsoft Office Excel Advanced

Ready for an advanced course in Excel 2019? 

This course is designed for students to learn how to customize workbooks, work with multiple data sources, collaborate with others using shared workbooks and enhance worksheets using charts and graphic objects.

Included: Electronic Microsoft Office Excel Reference Guide

Discover Microsoft Office PowerPoint Useful Techniques

Create powerful presentations with the tips and tricks in this course.

Discover how to create one of your own using design templates, custom animations, videos, graphics and fonts.

Included: Electronic Microsoft Office PowerPoint Reference Guide

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Intermediate

Already familiar with PowerPoint 2019? Move up to a more advanced level with this course! 

Students will work with design templates, custom animations, techniques for delivering presentations, web presentations and presentation broadcasting.

Included: Electronic Microsoft Office PowerPoint Reference Guide

Exploring Microsoft Office Word Tips and Tricks

Learn how to use Word the way Microsoft intended.

Explore the tips and tricks to make day-to-day work easier. If you’re a job seeker, learn how to format a resume. If you’re looking to upskill, this course will assist you in mastering skills such as creating custom templates and styles, managing tables and data, creating newsletters, mail merging, formatting tables and much more!

Included: Electronic Microsoft Office Word Reference Guide

Microsoft Office Word Intermediate

Expand upon the basic concepts learned in Word Level I and get an introduction to new intermediate concepts with an opportunity to apply them.

Intermediate features include: creating custom templates and styles, managing tables and table data, inserting graphics, creating newsletters, sending form letters, creating web pages and managing document changes.

Microsoft Office Word Advanced

Learn how to create forms and long documents, as well as how to make it easier to display and work with by using macros and collaborating.

Learn how to create references to information in a document, prepare a document for publication, revise documents based on feedback provided by other users and modify an HTML page in Word.

Microsoft Office Access Level 1

This course is for the new user of Access who assumes no experience with relational databases.

This course is for students who want to get started creating databases in Access 2019 and working with the data by using tables, queries, forms and reports.

Microsoft Office 2019 Training

This comprehensive, 15-hour course is ideal if you are an inexperienced computer user who needs to quickly learn the basic Microsoft Office 2019 skills for everyday life or the workplace.

Although introductory in nature, this course is enough to get you started quickly using the basic, most important elementary features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to produce documents, spreadsheets and interesting presentations.