We look forward to welcoming you back this fall!

Things you need to know before returning to campus
Last Updated: August 5, 2020

Icons representing wearing face masks, washing your hands, sanitizing and social distancing

What’s our status?
New Jersey is in Stage 2 of the reopening. We are currently running a very limited number of on-campus labs for certain Health Sciences courses to catch up on course work that could not be completed remotely.

What’s next?
If New Jersey remains in Stage 2 at the start of the fall semester, most classes scheduled for on-campus will meet online (Online Live course format). 

If health conditions in New Jersey remain safe enough that the governor advances the state to Stage 3, we have a plan in place to safely resume more on-campus activities while providing options for students to choose the best path for their personal situation.

Our plan includes:

  • Options for students to decide what best meets their needs depending on their unique learning style and personal, family and health concerns.

  • A limited number of on-campus courses with measures in place to minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus on our campus.

  • New types of online courses to increase engagement in the course while reducing the number of people on campus.

Safety on campus

Our top priority is your safety. We will implement the following measures to minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus on our campus. Our community’s health is in your hands; please follow these rules to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

Enter a building safely

Please allow extra time to enter buildings because of the following protocols in place:

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask, including in classrooms as directed by the state.

    • Anyone who refuses to wear a mask will be asked to leave campus. Students will face sanctions under the college’s Code of Conduct procedure.

  • Students, faculty and staff will be required to complete a video training on health safety before returning to campus.

  • All students, employees and guests will be screened for symptoms before entering a building. We will offer a symptom-tracking app before the fall semester that will gain faster access to campus buildings.

  • Students and staff are encouraged to check their own temperature before arriving to campus. We will conduct temperature checks at the entrance in accordance with state guidance.

  • Doors will be labeled as entrance or exit only to control traffic flow and minimize contact of people entering and exiting at the same entrance. Signs will be posted on doors. Maps will be updated online once the routes are finalized.

Attending class safely
  • Everyone is required to wear a mask, including in classrooms as directed by the state.

    • Anyone who refuses to wear a mask will be asked to leave campus. Students will face sanctions under the college’s Code of Conduct procedure.

  • Desks are spaced further apart and have individual plexiglass barriers for each student.

  • Each classroom has hand sanitizer and wipes.

  • Every classroom will be sanitized between every class utilizing state-of-the-art disinfecting technology.

  • Classes will have reduced capacity in accordance with state guidelines.

Working safely
  • Masks are required.

  • Many offices will split between working on campus and remotely to meet capacity guidelines as required by the state.

  • Faculty and staff will be required to complete a video training on health safety before returning to campus.

What should I do if?

If you are sick or tested positive for COVID-19

  • Stay home.

  • Contact your medical provider and follow their guidance.

  • Students should report their status to their instructor and Public Safety. Faculty should work with the student to continue academic progression.

  • Staff should report their status to their supervisor and Human Resources.

  • You may return to campus once your meet all of the following conditions:

    • Quarantined for 10 days.

    • More than 24 hours has passed since your last fever.

    • Tested negative for COVID-19.

If you have traveled out-of-state
Staff and students should follow the current travel guidance in place for New Jersey that recommends quarantine after travel to certain high-risk states. Please check the state's website for a current list of states that fall into this category.

If you have traveled to a restricted state

  • Call 511 and follow the instructions.
  • Staff should report their status to Human Resources.
  • Students should report their status to public safety.
  • Students should email their instructor to make arrangements for coursework during quarantine.
General safety guidance
  • Wear your mask.

  • Wash your hands often.

  • Disinfect your work space before and after use.

  • Stay six feet apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classroom concerns

Why are you holding classes on-campus?

People have different learning styles and different personal situations. Our goal was to provide a plan that offered options for individuals to decide what’s best for them. With very few exceptions, such as Health Sciences programs, Arts/Culinary programs and certain labs, courses offered on-campus will have an online option. In most cases, students can continue their classes remotely.

How can I take classes in a mask?

We know it may seem awkward and uncomfortable to wear a face covering indoors, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing face coverings to curb the spread of the virus. The state also required this mandate as a condition of colleges to resume on-campus instruction.

General concerns

What if someone returns from an out-of-state vacation?

New Jersey recommends a 14-day quarantine for people traveling from certain high-risk states. We expect everyone to follow the state’s guidance. The list of states meeting high-risk criteria changes regularly, so please click here to see the latest information from the state.

What if I live in or visit Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania does not currently appear on New Jersey’s travel advisory, so there are no restrictions.

What if someone refuses to wear a mask?

Public Safety will ensure that everyone on campus either wears a mask or ask them to leave until they are willing to do so. This is in accordance with recommendations from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a state mandate for colleges offering in-person classes.

What happens to my on-campus course if the college needs to close facilities again due to a second wave of coronavirus?

Your course will switch to an online live format -- meaning that classes will be held on the same days/times, but they will switch to an online format. You will need to be present online at those specific times in order to meet attendance requirements. 

Safely Returning to Campus Plan

This is a copy of the plan RCBC submitted to the state on Tuesday, July 7 in order to open some specialized labs in July. Many of the details that the college plans for fall are included in this plan, although it is possible that the college will update the plan as we get feedback from the community and conditions of the pandemic evolve. Please click here if you have any concerns you would like us to address in future communications. 

The plan was amended on August 5, 2020.

Stay Updated

We will continue to keep our community updated on this situation. A copy of all emails sent regarding the college's reopening plan are documented below.

*Please note information listed below was accurate at time of delivery, but may be out-of-date as global conditions change rapidly. 

How will we return to campus? - August 3, 2020

Dear Barons, 

As we round third base toward the start of the fall semester, I wanted to provide the clearest timeline possible regarding how we will proceed when so many variables are still unknown – whether the recent increase in transmission rates will subside, whether the state will advance to Stage 3 and how our local school districts will proceed.

Many of our students prefer to be on campus and many prefer to remain online. Our plan has been to provide both options as long as public health concerns are addressed.

We will determine by Friday, Aug. 14 whether to resume on-campus classes on August 28. If not, we will implement the part of the plan in which classes scheduled to be on campus will begin as Virtual Live. We would bring those classes on campus as soon as health conditions allow. A limited number of hands-on laboratory classes may remain on campus during the state’s current Stage 2 status. 

If we need to start virtually, we will reassess conditions every month with the goal of resuming on-campus classes as soon as possible.

Please visit rcbc.edu/reopening for details on the plan.

Dr. Michael A. Cioce

Rowan College at Burlington County

900 College Circle
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
Phone: (856) 222-9311, ext. 2524
Direct Dial Phone: (856) 291-4102
Twitter: @RCBCPresident
Email: president@rcbc.edu
Website: rcbc.edu

Class updates this fall - July 30, 2020

Dear Barons,

We have completed changes to the course schedule for the fall semester. We have every expectation that health conditions will allow us to be on-campus in a limited capacity. If that is not possible, our new course format, Online Live, will provide a better transition than what occurred in the spring. 

Assuming the state progresses to a Phase 3 reopening, we will offer the following types of courses that provide options for your unique concerns. Learn more about them at rcbc.edu/course-formats.

On-campus (Self-Service Code: specific location such as MTL for Mount Laurel): A limited number of courses will be on-campus with a priority for those that have a hands-on component such as labs and clinical experiences. In the event we cannot hold class on campus, those courses will become Online Live (see below).

NEW! Online Live (Self-Service Code: VLC): Classes will meet at the same day and time each week with instructor-led discussions similar to on-campus sessions.

Hybrid (Self-Service Code: HYB): Courses meet both on-campus and online. Usually classes meet one day per week in a classroom and the other online.

NEW! Hybrid Mixed Mode (Self-Service Code: HMM): Classes will meet on campus at a scheduled time and in an additional method that can change depending on specific program requirements.

Online Any Time (Self-Service Code: DLC): This is the college’s traditional online format. Students receive general deadlines and guidance from instructors but largely progress according to their own schedule in a self-paced environment. 

Changing the fall course schedule required an update to students’ bills. You may review any changes to both your bill and course schedule through your Self Service (available through BaronOne).

Here are ways you can make changes to your schedule:

Need to change the course format? Use Self Service (available through BaronOne) to change the day, time or mode of instruction.
Need to select a different course? Use Program Evaluation in Self Service to help determine which courses meet your program requirements.

Still need help? You can connect with an advisor by accessing our virtual walk-in services at rcbc.edu/virtual-walk-in.

We wish you the best on your upcoming semester! 

Michael A. Cioce Ed.D.

Update on campus activities - July 23, 2020

Dear Barons,

We covered a lot of ground on our town halls in the past two weeks and I would like to update you on some important information as we finalize our plans to return to campus in a limited capacity as long as health conditions and public officials permit us to do so.

We know there are strong feelings from students who want to stay online and those who want to return to campus. In most cases, students will have a variety of options for their individual circumstances and learning style. We had a great conversation about the different formats on this week’s Town Hall. Click here to review it. 

For those returning to campus, please note that we have reduced the number of students who will be allowed on campus to allow for social distancing and scheduled enough time between classes for facilities to sanitize thoroughly. Per state regulation, we will require everyone to wear a mask and affirm they are symptom-free before entering a building on campus. Please click here to learn more about the safety precautions we will have in place.

As a majority of our students will remain in online classes, we will continue to provide a contact-free campus experience activities to keep our community connected and safe.

One part of our campus experience that we cannot continue safely is athletics. Without a sudden and sustained improvement in global health conditions, we do not have the resources required to proceed with athletics while offering student-athletes and coaches the same level of safety precautions that we will implement on campus. With limited resources, we elected to use them to support our academic mission in a way that will benefit a greater number of students.

For the safety of our athletes and coaches, we have decided to suspend all athletic activity for the 2020-21 academic year. This was a very difficult decision and I share the disappointment that it brings.

Finally, if you were among the Class of 2020, your diploma is in! Please check your RCBC email for details on how you can pick up your diploma next week. Congratulations and best of luck in the next chapter of your life adventure!

Dr. Michael A. Cioce

Rowan College at Burlington County

900 College Circle
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
Phone: (856) 222-9311, ext. 2524
Direct Dial Phone: (856) 291-4102
Twitter: @RCBCPresident
Email: president@rcbc.edu
Website: rcbc.edu

Safely returning to campus this fall - July 1, 2020

Dear Barons,

As summer approaches, I wanted to update the community on our plans for the fall semester. We are committed to resume in-person, on-campus activities as long as we can do so safely and within the guidance of state and federal authorities. Recent trends indicate this is likely to occur.

I know this news may raise mixed feelings in our community, and I pledge that we will explore all options to keep the campus community safe while providing as many alternate instruction options as possible for those who prefer to remain online.

Public Safety Director Andrew Eaton is leading a task force charged with exploring a range of strategies designed to keep us safe. Some of the ideas on the table include limiting how many people can be on campus at one time, offering courses that can easily pivot from online to in-person, having fewer in-person and more online classes, and disinfecting classrooms more frequently. We will meet, if not exceed, the social distancing mandates required by law.

The schedules and protocols that we were used to in January will be different from the way we operate in the fall. I have asked the committee to make our safety the top priority while being creative in how we reimagine the college. We will provide an opportunity to gather input from students, faculty and staff as part of this process.

Understanding that we all have many questions about envisioning re-opening our facilities, I will provide regular updates as we finalize details. You will receive another update by Monday, June 15 – or sooner – as we achieve certain milestones. We will also provide an opportunity to meet virtually as a community later this summer so we can hear directly from you and address your concerns.

We have many significant items on our agenda this summer: re-opening the campus for fall, updating our strategic plan and addressing the new enrollment/fiscal challenges that have emerged from the pandemic. For these reasons, as well as consideration of all the needs in our community right now, we will remain operational on Fridays during the summer.

I look forward to addressing our community’s concerns in the coming weeks and cannot wait for us to return to campus in an orderly, safe and healthy manner.


Dr. Michael A. Cioce

Rowan College at Burlington County

900 College Circle
Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054
Phone: (856) 222-9311, ext. 2524
Direct Dial Phone: (856) 291-4102
Twitter: @RCBCPresident
Email: president@rcbc.edu
Website: rcbc.edu