By sharing goals, needs, and resources, we can build mutually beneficial partnerships. You will be able to tap into the passion, energy, and intellect of RCBC faculty and students who are interested in working with you.  By collaborating with us, you can help design and supervise projects that are important and relevant to your work in the community.  RCBC faculty and students will benefit from the opportunities you provide for hands-on learning as well as your practical expertise and knowledge of the community.

To get started, follow our 4 STEP PROCESS as outlined below.

  1. Request conversation and supervisor orientation
    Initial Partnership Request Form
    Submit this form to learn more about the Service-Learning Program and how we can work together.
  2. Submit online information form for partnership database
    Partnership Database
    To be completed AFTER meeting with the Service-Learning Coordinator for STEP 1, this will provide detailed information to students interested in finding a placement site.
  3. Review, sign, and submit partnership agreement
    Community Partner Agreement
    Mail the original signed hard copy to:

    Erica Franklin
    Service-Learning Coordinator
    Rowan College at Burlington County
    900 College Circle
    Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

    This must be received before RCBC students may volunteer at your organization.

  4. Update information as necessary
    Email with updates.
    Complete this step as needed.  Note that you may be contacted on an annual basis to submit updated information using the form in STEP 2 and agreement in STEP 3.