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Formed in 1978, Distance Education enables students to earn college credits without having to attend class on campus. Today, 30-40% of all RCBC students are taking online classes during each semester. Distance education courses are fully-accredited college courses. 

Currently, there are over 100 distance education courses offered online and a several degree programs that can be completed 100% online.

Available Course Offerings

The following online courses are typically offered online each year. When searching Self-Service for the current semester online courses, be sure to select DLC (Distance Learning Course) from the Locations box.

Course Short Title
ACC 112 Prin. of Fin. Accounting I
ACC 113 Prin. of Fin. Accounting II
ACC 115 Managerial Acct /SpeadSheet
ACC 210 Interm Accounting I
ACC 211 Interm Accounting II
ACC 213 Cost Accounting
ALT 141 Energy Investment Analysis
ANT 102 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
ART 101 Introduction to Art
BIO 103 General Biology I
BIO 107 General Biology II
BIO 110 Fund Anatomy & Phys I
BIO 111 Fund Anat & Phys I Lab
BIO 114 Fund Anatomy & Phys II
BIO 115 Fund Anat & Phys II Lab
BIO 120 Basic Biology & Human Affairs
BIO 121 Basic Biol/Human Affair Lab
BUA 101 Bus Funct in a Global Society
BUA 102 Prin of Management
BUA 108 Per Fin & Money Mgmt
BUA 205 Business Law I
BUA 206 Business Law II
BUA 208 Labor-Mgmt Relations
BUA 211 Human Resource Management
BUA 220 Prin of Marketing
BUA 230 Small Business Mgmt
CHE 107 Chemistry
CHE 108 Chemistry Laboratory
CIN 109 American Cinema
CIS 101 Introduction to Computers
CIS 138 Introduction to Operating Syst
CIS 161 Computer Applications
CIS 207 Intro Computer Forensics
CIS 218 Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
CRJ 101 Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJ 102 Police Operations & Procedures
CRJ 103 Intro to Correctional System
CRJ 106 Intro To Court Systems
CRJ 111 Criminal Law
CRJ 113 Criminal Investigation
CRJ 203 Legal Rights of the Convicted
CRJ 218 Introduction Private Security
CSE 110 Intro to Computer Sc I
CSE 111 Intro to Computer Science II
CSE 160 Bridge to Intro to Comp Sci II
CSE 213 Database Systems
ECO 203 Prin of Microeconomics
ECO 204 Prin of Macroeconomics
EDU 112 Historical Foundations Amer Ed
EGR 110 Design Computer Graphics I
EGR 160 Bridge for Fund. of Engrg Dsgn
ENG 101 College Composition I
ENG 102 College Composition II
ENG 106 Bus Communications
ETC 101 Intro to Entertainment
FAD 155 Fashion Merchandising
FRE 101 Elementary French I
FSM 125 Food Serv Sani/Accident Prev
GDD 225 History of Graphic Design
HIS 101 U S History I
HIS 102 U S History II
HIS 103 Ancient & Medieval Foundations
HIS 104 Western World Since 1600
HIS 212 The American Civil War
HIS 215 Renaissance & Reformation
HIT 102 Intro Health Info Technology
HIT 103 Legal Aspects of Health Info
HIT 105 Medical Terminology
HIT 107 Health Info in Nonacute Care
HIT 115 Pathophysiology
HIT 117 Pharmacology
HIT 120 Intro Healthcare/Public Health
HIT 121 Introduction to Health IT
HIT 204 Healthcare Mgmt & Personnel
HIT 205 HCPCS Coding (CPT-4)
HIT 209 ICD-10-CM Coding
HIT 210 ICD-10-PCS Coding
HIT 211 Reimbursement Methodologies
HIT 218 Healthcare Quality Perf. Imp.
HIT 224 Healthcare Info Systems
HIT 228 Fund. Health It Work Process
HUS 101 Human Services I
HUS 102 Human Services II
HUS 207 Addiction Dynamics & Intervent
LIT 203 Masterpieces of World Lit I
LIT 206 Women's Literature
LIT 207 British Literature I
LIT 208 British Literature II
LIT 209 American Literature I
LIT 210 American Literature II
LIT 211 Masterpieces of World Lit II
LIT 215 Intro to Child Lit
LIT 218 Literature and Film
LIT 220 Shakespeare
MCR 101 Cancer Registry Struct. & Mgt
MCR 104 Cancer Registry Operations
MCR 111 Canc Reg Disease Coding & Stag
MCR 114 Oncology and Coding
MCR 201 Abstracting Methods
MCR 204 Follow Up, Data Quality & Util
MCR 211 Multiple Prim & Hematopoietics
MCR 221 Cancer Registry Clinical II
MTH 107 Introduction to Statistics
MTH 113 Modern College Mathematics I
MTH 118 Calculus I and Analytic Geomet
MTH 119 Calc II & Analytic Geometry
MTH 130 Precalculus
MTH 143 Statistics I
MUS 101 Music Appreciation
NUR 216 Management & Professional Iss
NUR 220 Nutrition in Nurs. & Hlthcare
NUR 301 Comp. Health Assessment
NUR 302 Pathophysiology
NUR 303 Pharmacology for Nursing
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 105 Introduction to Logic
PHY 107 Fundamentals of Physics
PHY 110 Principles of Physics I
PHY 111 Principles of Physics I Lab
PHY 120 Introduction to Astronomy
PHY 121 Astronomy Lab
PHY 210 General Physics I
PHY 211 General Physics I Lab
PHY 212 General Physics II
PHY 213 General Physics II Lab
POL 101 American Government & Politics
POL 103 Comparative Gov't & Politics
POL 215 Constitutional Law
POL 250 International Politics
PSC 105 Physical Science I
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 250 Educational Psychology
PSY 251 Child Psychology
PSY 255 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 256 Developmental Psychology
PSY 259 Social Psychology
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
SOC 160 Society, Ethics & Technology
SOC 201 Social Problems
SOC 205 Marriage and the Family
SOC 207 Media, Popular Culture-Society
SOC 210 Minority Groups
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II
SPE 102 Public Speaking
SST 100 Principles of Sustainability
THR 101 Introduction to Theatre
100% Online Degree Programs

The following list of online programs can be completed 100% online.

  • Liberal Arts - Associate of Arts (A.A.)
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences - Associate of Sciences (A.S.)
  • Accounting - Associate of Science (A.S.)
  • Business Administration - Associate of Science (A.S.)
  • Communication Arts (Option to LA) - Associate of Arts (A.A.)
  • Criminal Justice - Associate of Science (A.S.)
  • Health Science - Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)
  • Math (Option to LAS) - Associate of Science (A.S.)
  • Philosophy (Option to LA) - Associate of Arts (A.A.)*
  • Political Science - Associate of Arts (A.A.)
  • Psychology - Associate of Arts (A.A.)
  • Education - Associate of Arts (A.A.)
  • Business Management Technology - Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)*
  • Health Information Technology - Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)
  • Cancer Registry Management - Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)
  • Sociology - Associate of Arts (A.A.)
  • English - Associate of Arts (A.A.)
  • History - Associate of Arts (A.A.)*

Academic and Career Certificates

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Certificate
  • Cancer Registry Certificate
  • Accounting Certificate
  • Business Technology Career Certificate*
  • Medical Billing Specialist Career Certificate


*Students in these programs should contact their advisor.

Wilmington University Online Program Pathway

Rowan College at Burlington County students can complete their associate and bachelor’s degree entirely online through Wilmington University.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Saving money by transferring up to 90 credits from RCBC to Wilmington.
  • Convenient transfer to the university as a junior or senior.
  • No application fee to Wilmington.

Here are the paths currently available. 

RCBC Degree → Wilmington Degree
Accounting → Accounting
Business Administration → Accounting
Liberal Arts and Sciences → Business Management
Liberal Arts and Sciences → Human Resource Management
Psychology → Behavioral Science
Psychology → Psychology
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Online vs. Hybrid: Choosing the right course format.

Choosing the right class format is easy if you know yourself! Consider your learning style, your ideal class location and your family situation. 

RCBC offers five course formats to meet the needs of our students. 

  • On-Campus
  • Online Live
  • Online Any Time
  • Hybrid
  • Hybrid Mixed Mode

What to know the difference between each course format? Click here to learn more.

What’s right for me? If you need help determining which type of class is best for you, please reach out to Academic Advising in the Student Success Center or at or (856) 222-9311, ext. 1559.

National Distance Learning Week

In observance of National Distance Learning Week, RCBC has offered a distance education scholarship, to a new or current student, in order to increase the awareness of various courses and degrees that can be completed online.  Distance education provides a unique opportunity for students that normally would not be able to physically attend a class on campus and provides all students with an alternate pathway for receiving their education. Online courses provide flexibility and convenience to students and faculty, who work collaboratively in the college's course management system, Blackboard Learn. We are proud of our institution, instructors and the more than 100 courses that are available online here at RCBC.  The RCBC Office of Distance Education has been offering complete degrees at a distance since 1978 and we currently offer 14 associate degrees and 4 certificates fully online. Please join us in celebrating National Distance Learning Week and recognizing some of our most successful online students.