RCBC Food Pantry

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RCBC Food Pantry

Barons don't go hungry.

We know you can’t do your best on an empty stomach! Nationwide research shows 25% of community college students experience food insecurity. This correlates with reduced academic performance and lower rates of degree completion. We want you to make it to the finish line! That’s why we’ve opened the student food pantry where you can access free food with no questions asked.

The food pantry will officially open in September 2019. 

Food Pantry Hours:
Every Tuesday from 10 am - 3 pm

Please note hours are subject to change.

Food Pantry Location Map

Am I eligible to receive goods from the pantry?
The RCBC Food Pantry is available to any student with a current semester sticker on their RCBC ID.

How do I obtain a current semester sticker?
If you don't have a current semester sticker on your RCBC ID card, please visit Public Safety in the Student Success Center or Evans Hall with a copy of your current class schedule.

Where is the pantry located?
The pantry is located in Votta Hall and can be accessed from the external door. To access the food pantry, please use the building entrance that is closest to the bus stop, adjacent to parking lot 2. There is no access point from inside the building.

What if I need assistance beyond the food pantry resources?
RCBC students can access additional support resources through the Student Support office.  Our team can assist with accessing local, county and state programs, provide access to counseling resources and connect students with other supports.  Please contact us directly for additional information.

Can I volunteer to help with the food pantry?
Throughout the semester, the pantry may use volunteers to help bag food and host tables on campus to inform students about the pantry. To sign up to be notified about volunteer opportunities, click here.

Additional Resources:

Please note: receiving goods from the pantry will not impact a student’s government benefits.

The "Community College Opportunity Grants" program is in partnership with, and administered by, the State of New Jersey, Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE).