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News at RCBC

First look at the new quad design

The new quad will give students a campus feel that exceeds those at traditional four-year universities. The space will be large enough to hold events such as graduation, concerts or movies. The walking paths will make getting from one side of campus easier. There will be plenty of trees to give students shade while eating or studying outside.

Modernizing RCBC’s campus digs up some treasures from the past

As the modernization of Rowan College at Burlington County’s main campus continues, items from the 18th-century Borton/Ballinger farmstead are surfacing.

RCBC President Paul Drayton presents a “different” annual report to the community

Rowan College at Burlington County President Paul Drayton issued the college’s 2016 annual report, “A Different Kind of Community College” that recaps a transformative year for the college most notably in its historic partnership with Rowan University and campus improvements.

New faculty contract and educational partnership boosts RCBC’s student success focus

The Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) Board of Trustees approved a new faculty contract and a partnership with the Education Advisory Board (EAB), each of which will lead to improved graduation rates for students.

A Matter of Balance Strikes a Chord with Burlington County Seniors

During Falls Prevention Week, Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) is encouraging people to take advantage of a free workshop aimed to make people more aware – and in control – of falls.

RCBC’s Abstract Encounters II Exhibit opens September 21 – free reception scheduled for October 8

Over 43 Rowan College at Burlington County students, faculty, alumni and community members will showcase their talents at the Abstract Encounters II Exhibit, opening September 21 at the college’s Student Art Gallery in downtown Mount Holly.

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