Rowan University, Our Premier Partnership

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The Rowan Connection, Student Pathways

For Spring 2017 Admissions to Rowan University:

  • Transition to the main campus in Glassboro by filling out the paper application by November 1, 2016. Students can drop it off to Evans Hall 251 or mail it directly to Rowan University. 
  • Transition to an online or Mount Laurel degree completion program by filling out the intent to enroll form by November 1, 2016.

Rowan College at Burlington County has a premier partnership that provides students an affordable path to the highly-sought Rowan University bachelor’s degree with benefits that are only available to RCBC alumni.

Stay in Mount Laurel with RCBC's 3+1 Program
The 3+1 program allows students to take their freshman, sophomore and junior year at RCBC's cost with RCBC's faculty and the senior year at Rowan University's cost with Rowan University's faculty. All four years can be taken in Mount Laurel. Students can also choose to take their senior year at Rowan's main campus in Glassboro, NJ or online (if the major is available).

Transition to an Online Degree with Rowan Global
Students can stay at RCBC for 2 years and then transition into a Rowan Global program for 2 years. Rowan Global offers flexible degree completion programs fully online and at offsite campuses, like in Camden, NJ. RCBC graduates will receive a 15% discount for programs offered through Rowan Global.

Transition to Rowan's Main Campus in Glassboro
Students can stay at RCBC for 2 years and then transition into a Rowan University program at their main campus in Glassboro, NJ. Students can commute or live on campus.

Choose the right path for you:

Option 1: Stay in Mount Laurel with our 3+1 program Option 2: Transition to an online degree through Rowan Global Option 3: Transition to Rowan’s main campus in Glassboro