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Visiting College Students

Did you know that Rowan College at Burlington County enrolls many students from other colleges and universities during the summer or just for the spring intersession? While you're home, why not enroll in an affordable RCBC course to make up missed coursework, improve a grade, speed the completion of your degree, pursue an additional interest -- or meet people like yourself from schools far and near!

Here's how easy it is to transfer RCBC course credits back to your college:

  1. If you are a first-time student at RCBC fill out an Application for Admission as a Non-Degree Seeking student.
  2. Review RCBC's course brochures to select the courses you are interested in.
  3. If the courses you wish to take have prerequisites, obtain an official transcript from your home college/university, or obtain an unofficial transcript showing that all prerequisites for the desired courses have been met. This step must be completed before registering.
  4. Once you get an acceptance letter with your student email and WebAdvisor account you can register for the courses in WebAdvisor and study hard.
  5. Request a transcript to be sent back to your school in the Fall.
  6. Go back to your school with great grades and a sense of accomplishment!