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3+1 Enrollment Steps

To enroll in the 3+1 program, please follow the steps below:

  1. Apply to Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC). Make sure you send all college and high school transcripts to RCBC, fill out the free online application at, and declare a major.

  2. See academic advising,, to discuss the associate degree options and the first 0-30 college credits you should take for your associate degree. You can also reference the major maps to assist in selecting courses:

  3. After completing 30 college credits and before graduating from RCBC, fill out the 3+1 application for your intended 3+1 program at Please note, nursing students cannot fill out the 3+1 application until they are accepted to the RCBC nursing major (AAS.Nursing) and Inclusive Education majors can fill out the form before completing 30 credits. RCBC will be sending Rowan University your information from the application to assist in setting up your Rowan University account for the junior year.

  4. Your application will be reviewed. If approved, the Rowan Relations Office will provide you with a list of courses to follow to complete your junior year at RCBC. Students are required to complete an associate degree before beginning the junior year courses. A 2.0 GPA and a graduation application is required for RCBC graduation.

  5. Sign and submit the enrollment confirmation and 3+1 Student Contract forms provided by the Rowan Relations Office. RCBC will provide Rowan University with the enrollment confirmation form and your RCBC transcripts. If you have transcripts from another school, please provide Rowan Universtiy with an official copy, even if you already provide RCBC with a copy.

  6. When filling out your financial aid for the junior year, list both Rowan University and RCBC on the FAFSA: Students will register for junior year courses through RCBC’s Office of the Registrar ( or Web Advisor and pay their tuition to RCBC’s Business Office: Financial aid will come from Rowan University for the junior year.

  7. After the junior year, students must have a 2.0 GPA to continue onto Rowan University and must have completed all the recommended courses by the Rowan Relations Office. Please note, Inclusive Education majors need to have a 3.0 GPA and passing Praxis scores before transferring to Rowan University. Students will register for senior year courses through Rowan University and pay their tuition to Rowan University’s Bursar’s Office.