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Student Email Login

Attention Students and Alumni:

Rowan College at Burlington County will be converting all student and alumni email addresses from the existing domain to The transition to the new RCBC domain will occur July 2 thru July 4. Your new RCBC email will be available by Tuesday, July 5. Any mail stored in your existing account will automatically be moved to the new account.

After your transition, all emails sent to your address will automatically be forwarded to your address until the college’s domain is phased out, which we expect to occur in December.

Once transitioned to your new email account, all emails sent from the college and its faculty will be sent to your new email account; however you will need to notify your non-RCBC contacts to update your email address in their systems.

After your transition, when you receive emails you will easily be able to identify if it was sent to your address or your new by looking at the “To:” address within the email header. This can be used in order for you to know who to contact regarding the change to your new email address.

Example user login:
Password: (same as your former password)

Alumni: All alumni will have their college email addresses converted. However, alumni email addresses will be deactivated three years from a student’s last class to protect the college – including you – against cyberattacks.

Please contact, visit or call ext. 1388 if you have any questions.


Rowan College at Burlington County encourages the use of student email as an effective and efficient way to improve communication between students, faculty members and administrative staff. The primary purpose of student email is to meet the academic, student life, administrative, and business needs of the college. While the college will continue to communicate through printed publications and written correspondence, the college has increasingly use student email as an official means of communication with RCBC students. Students are responsible for information forwarded to them by the college through email. It is expected that students will check their email account regularly.

Attention: Logging into this system indicates you have read the Acceptable User Guidelines for use of the RCBC Student Email System.

Note: If you are having a problem logging into your student email because you are logged into another gmail account, please select your email address in the top right hand corner, select add account, and enter your full RCBC student email address and password. If you are having any other issues with your student email, please visit the Student Help Desk.

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