With cyber attacks increasing, RCBC encourages you to follow these guidelines to keep your accounts and data secure.

Password safety


  • Use strong passwords. Click here for password tips and instructions on changing your BaronOne password.

  • Change your password often! You will be prompted to change your password every three or four months, but there’s no need to wait for us to force you to take this step.

  • Use multifactor authentication. The security questions added to your account do not offer the greatest security. Using an authenticator that sends a code to your device before logging in will give you greater protection. OneLogin Protect or Google Authenticator are good free tools. 


Email safety


  • Be cautious when using your email address. It’s best to keep your personal address separate from your RCBC address. Use a third email address for your social media accounts, stores or other online accounts.

  • Don’t click on links from unknown or suspicious sources. We have examples of spammers disguising a message to look like it came from the college president.

  • If you receive an email request for personal information, don’t respond via email. Look up the company’s phone number and call them back to verify that the request is legitimate.

  • If you receive a suspicious email, click the spam button on the email menu.

Device safety

  • Avoid logging into accounts from public devices.

  • Always log out of accounts whether on a personal or public device. Closing a browser or app does not log you out.

  • Protect accounts on your phone by using a passcode or password on the device itself or remove email accounts from it.

  • Do not allow your browser or mobile phone to remember your account or passwords. Choose “no” whenever your browser asks if “you trust this browser.”