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Service-Learning Team

Erica Franklin
Erica Franklin
Service-Learning Coordinator
(856) 242-5294

Ellie Brancato

As a sophomore at Rowan College at Burlington County, Ellie is taking her first steps into discovering her potential by working and helping others through Service-Learning Scholars. She currently volunteers for Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter and Weisman's Children's Rehabilitation Hospital where she loves to spend time helping children and animals. She is majoring in business administration and hopes to go to Drexel University after RCBC. After college, Ellie aspires to one day open her own boating business. As a Scholar, Ellie enjoys connecting with new people and working towards building close relationships with others.


GinaGina Viola

Gina Viola is a second-year student at Rowan College at Burlington County, and identifies herself as one who is hardworking and willing to take on challenges when opportunities present themselves. This year she will be Chair of Community Service for SGA, a member of the Red Cross Club, and the Service Club. She is currently pursuing a career in Nursing and working towards her BSN (with a double-major in American Sign Language), with the goal to eventually become a Nurse Practitioner. Her overall goal in life is to make a positive and long-lasting impact on society through humility, dedication, and service. Her new volunteer site will be at Virtua Memorial Hospital, but she will continue to volunteer at events in the community and on campus. Her happiest scholars memory was participating in MLK day, where the Scholars had the chance to work with kids in Mt. Holly and share thoughts about the importance of equality, dedication, and perseverance. Her favorite aspect of scholars is having the ability to take on a leadership role using all campus resources, with the support of the scholars group to help make events successful.


MaraMara Dallas

Mara is currently majoring in health sciences for nursing. She is hoping that this route will someday become a stepping stone to medical school so that she is am able to pursue her dream of becoming a pediatric oncologist. Scholars has become a stepping stone for her on this path. Her service site is Weisman Children's Rehabilitation Hospital which she loves and looks forward to every week. Her favorite aspect of Scholars is that it has opened many doors for her in regards to serving others which not only has given her much joy, it has given her the experience she needs for her future in the healthcare world. Her fondest scholars memory will always be the great friendships she has made with the other girls in her group throughout the year.



Charu Parker

Charu Parker is a second-year student at Rowan College at Burlington County. She majors in psychology, utilizing the school's 3+1 program. Coming from being President of her high school’s Family Career and Community Leaders of America program she is excited to get back into volunteering. Charu primarily volunteered with Bookmates at the New Albany Elementary School in addition to the Girl Scouts of Central and South Jersey, but is also involved in many of the Service-Learning Program’s group volunteer efforts. Charu’s favorite aspect of being with the Service-Learning Scholars is the feeling of being involved and making connections with new people.  She will always remember all of the team bonding activities she has participated in with the Scholars.


Recent Alumni

JadeJade Overton

Jade is a graduate of RCBC who majored in biology and received an A.S. degree in May 2017. She plans to become an OB/GYN, and will continue her education at Rowan University beginning in the Fall of 2017 as a biology major. She has volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, Serenity Hospice, Pinelands Family Success Center, Virtua, and the Burlington County Animal Shelter for the duration of her time in the Service-Learning Program. Her goal is to make a lasting impact on humanity and bring a little bit of happiness to everyone she meets along the way. She is determined and quick to help others and you will almost always catch her laughing or chatting on campus.


KimKim Asimama-Duruaku

As a sophomore, Kim joined the Service-Learning Program in order to make a lasting impression in her community. She volunteered her time at Habitat for Humanities and Virtua.  Kim has since transferred to Rutgers University as an aspiring chemistry major and hopes to further advance her research skills. She one day hopes to become a medical chemist and eventually a neurologist. Kim strives to use her knowledge in chemistry to improve other part of the world. 


KayMunachiso (Kay) Asimama-Duruaku

After graduating RCBC, Kay continued on to Rutgers University New Brunswick with a major in chemistry. She plans to go to medical school in order to become a pediatrician after finishing her degree.  She accredits the Service-Learning Program for her growth as a person and a more quick integration into RCBC. Her favorite part of Scholars was being able to work with a group in many volunteering sites which made the experience even more enjoyable.  She also enjoyed a teambuilding day that was planned by one of her fellow Scholars. She hopes to continue to use what she learned in the Scholars program on her new path beyond RCBC.


ChristinaChristina Cover

After her time as a Service-Learning Scholar, Christina became the President of RCBC’s Student Government Association.  She identifies herself as someone who enjoys a challenge and is constantly seeking great opportunities.  She graduated from Lenape High School after moving to Burlington County from the Hudson Valley, New York, and has had many leadership experiences through school clubs and regional conferences.  She currently is pursuing a degree in Liberal Arts, and is working closely with the RCBC transfer office to move on to a four-year school to study Communication Sciences.  Her greatest goal is to make a positive impact on society through acts of humility, leadership, and service.


LauraLaura Heaney-Burcher

Laura majors in Liberal Arts, with interest in pursuing a degree in the field of nutrition.  During her time as a Scholar, Laura volunteered at the Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford.


SherleySherley Hinds-Gomez

Although born in Panama, Sherley grew up in Burlington Township the majority of her life.  She enjoys a bright outlook in life and is interested in how other people around the world see life as well.  She is interested in studying foreign cultures and is hopeful to discover a career path where she will learn about the world.  Her hobbies include cooking, baking, watching the history channel, and spending time with her loved ones.  As a Service-Leaning Scholar, she enjoyed joining with other people to learn about the different populations and backgrounds in her community.


ClarissaClarissa Hoffman

After obtaining her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from RCBC, Clarissa plans to major in Health Sciences to become a Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner.  She has enjoyed various community service opportunities over the past years.  As a Scholar, Clarissa volunteered at Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge.  She enjoys helping and desires to leave a lasting impact wherever she goes.


AlyssaAlyssa Moreno

As an English major, Alyssa hopes to become a publisher in the future.  She volunteered with marketing at the Alice Paul Institute and is excited to continue helping the community and learning more about the career she will have soon.


Where are they now?

Student PhotoColleen Heaney-Burcher

Colleen volunteered at the Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees and the Alice Paul Institute during her two years in service-learning.  She loved volunteering at the shelter so much that she brought her work home with her by adopting a cat named Sweet Potato.  Colleen is currently pursuing a degree in Women and Gender Studies at Drew University.


Student PhotoKellina Gallagher

When Kellina came to Rowan College at Burlington County, she already knew she wanted to be an elementary school teacher.  She jumped at the opportunity to volunteer at the Pemberton Early Childhood Education Center and consistently served there for two years.  As an education major and future teacher, making a positive impact on each student's future is her greatest goal in life.  After RCBC, Kellina transferred to Rowan University to earn her bachelor’s degree in elementary education.


Student PhotoJackie (Miller) Schaefer

Jackie joined service-learning her first day on campus.  She immediately began volunteering at Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge in Medford and has continued to volunteer there after graduation.  In the refuge’s animal hospital, Jackie tends to injured and orphaned animals from the native Pine Barrens.  She also volunteered at the Friends of Burlington County Animal Shelter where she photographed and socialized pets for a higher chance of adoption.  Today, Jackie is pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Thomas Edison State College.


Student PhotoMichael Ippoliti

During his sophomore year at Rowan College at Burlington County, Michael joined the service-learning program and volunteered as a Peer Advocate at Legacy Treatment Services’ Screening and Crisis Intervention Program where he worked with consumers who were in crisis.  His responsibilities included regularly checking in with each consumer and assisting them in developing their own Wellness and Recovery Action Plans.  As a future psychologist, Michael enjoyed positively impacting the consumers he worked with.  Currently, Michael is enrolled at Rutgers University-Camden with a major in psychology and minor in childhood studies.  He is continuing in the spirit of volunteerism by participating in the Rutgers Civic Scholars Program.