From retired underwriter to social media intern, RCBC student shines as a finalist in regional video contest
Monday, Apr 22, 2024

Mount Laurel, NJ—After 36 years as an Underwriting Manager, Laura Jaskot retired and set her sights on a new learning opportunity that had nothing to do with how she had spent most of her career. 

She had begun editing videos through her church to publish services on YouTube. Despite having no editing history, she liked it and wanted to learn more.

See for yourself: See and vote for Laura Jaskot’s public service announcement by clicking here

Laura discovered Rowan College at Burlington County and began taking graphic design, video editing and live sound engineering classes. She has enjoyed every class she has taken while working toward an associate degree to add to her Economics degree from Lafayette College and her Master’s of Business Administration from LaSalle University.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things or have new experiences. Sometimes the opportunity only comes once, and you don’t want to regret passing it up,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help - we’re all good at something, but we’re not all good at everything - and help when asked. Be kind.”

Jaskot is an intern with the Middletown Free Library in Media, Pennsylvania. She creates videos for their social media platforms. In May, over 250 non-profit organizations in the county will request donations for a community giving event, DelCo Gives Day.

DelCo Gives Day organizes a contest and invites all participating non-profits to create a 30-second public service announcement for submission. The foundation selected the top ten announcements to air on PHL-17, one per weekday, from Monday, April 15 to April 26, during the 8 a.m. news hour.

Jaskot’s video for the Middletown Public Library was one of the finalists, and it will be aired on PHL-17 on Friday, April 26, between 8 and 9 a.m. 

A love for learning led Jaskot down a path she had never considered. 

She said, ”RCBC is a marvelous place where people can be introduced to college life at a great value.” 

She emphasized that her journey thus far has been successful because she remains open to new opportunities and encourages others to do the same. 

A message from Laura Jaskot: “Want to help? Vote for your favorite PSA video. The organization whose video gets the most votes will be featured on PHL-17. The added exposure would allow the library to increase its fundraising.

I’d love to ask my classmates and the entire Baron community to consider voting for the Middletown Free Library video on the PHL-17 website. It only takes a minute, and it’s free. Click the link, scroll down to the list of 10 finalists, find Middletown Free Library, and hit the green ‘vote’ button.”