Summer classes are available and start mid-May. RCBC summer classes are open to current students, high school students, students looking to return to college and students enrolled at a four-year college

The benefits of summer courses include:

  • On-campus and online courses are flexible - Plan study time that suits your schedule by taking classes online or at our Mount Laurel or Mount Holly campuses.
  • Enjoy shorter sessions - Many courses are offered in six, seven or ten weeks!
  • Concentrate on a challenging course - Focus on a single class without having a full courseload and juggling a typical semester with four to five additional classes, assignments and tests.
  • Get another step closer to your degree! Stay on track to graduate by completing a prerequisite course or catching up to your 15-to-Finish goal.
  • Reach your career goals sooner!


Visiting Students:

  • Home for the summer? Make use of your college break by taking classes at RCBC.