We are committed to supporting a campus environment that is a safe, inclusive and welcoming community where individuals are free to express themselves – and differing views – in a constructive and respectful manner.

RCBC prohibits discrimination based on race, age, religion, ethnicity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

The college will objectively review all reports of harassment, discrimination or bias submitted through this form.

What is harassment, discrimination or bias?

Behaviors that show aggressive pressure or intimidation, unjust or prejudicial treatment toward another. Incidents usually involve a person’s ethnicity, race, religion, physical ability, mental capacity or gender.

How long will the review take?

The college will review all complaints to determine whether they require an investigation. This decision will be made within one to five business days.

If I am the complainant or the subject of an investigation, may I have someone represent me?

All complainants and respondents have the right to an advisor of their choice during investigatory meetings. RCBC employees who belong to a collective bargaining unit have the right to have a union representative present during investigatory meetings. 

What happens if the investigation finds there was ground for bias?

There are many possible outcomes depending on the severity of the offense and a review of the respondent’s personnel or student conduct records. If the incident may be criminal, RCBC Public Safety will notify appropriate law enforcement agencies for their review.

If it is a matter of violating college policy, penalties may include the following:

  • Students may receive a range from warning to expulsion.
  • Employees may receive a range from a written notice in their personnel file to termination.
  • College guests may receive a range from written warning to a ban from campus.

Complainants will be notified whether disciplinary action was taken, but will not be informed of the specific penalty unless they are directly involved, such as a no-contact order. 

What if I disagree with the resolution?

Appeals must be filed in writing within five college business days. 

Students must file appeals to the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success.

Employees and guests must file appeals with the Chief Administrative Officer.