Exploring college options while still in high school?

We offer advanced academic opportunities for you! From earning college credits while in high school to making the transition to college easy, we're here to help. 

What is College Head Start at RCBC?

College Head Start is a special program, offered in partnership with your school, that allows you to gain college credits toward your degree as early as your freshman year in high school!

Many local high schools have partnered with RCBC to offer their students various opportunities to get a jump start on earning college credits.

College Acceleration Program (CAP) Courses

Get credit for the classes you are already taking to fulfill your high school requirements. College Acceleration Program (CAP) Courses courses are taught by your high school teachers. Visit the CAP website for a list of participating high schools.

RCBC Online Courses

Get credit for classes you take online through RCBC. These can be completed on your own time or, in cooperation with your high school, during study halls or other “free” time during your school day. Select online courses are offered at a 25 percent discount* for high school students.

Available courses include:

  • Business (Personal Finance and Money Management, Small Business Management)
  • Cinema (American Cinema)
  • Criminal Justice (Police Operations and Procedures, Introduction to the Correctional System, Introduction to Court Systems, and Legal Rights of the Convicted)
  • Education (Historical Foundations of American Education)
  • Politics (American Government and Politics, State and Local Government, and Comparative Government and Politics)
  • Psychology (Introduction to Psychology)
  • Theatre (Introduction to Theatre)

*Please note this discount is not applicable for the summer 2022 terms.

RCBC On-Site Courses

Get credit for classes you take directly through RCBC outside of high school hours. These can be taken at our Mount Laurel Campus, Willingboro Campus, Mount Holly Campus or other select locations. These courses may even be able to provide you with high school credit.

High School Quick Step

The RCBC High School Quick Step program gives high school seniors access to special career training programs. To learn more about available programs, click here.

To learn more about a specific program, please select the option that best describes your situation.

I want to earn an Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences while still attending high school.

Students have the opportunity to earn college credits, and in some cases, complete an associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences before graduating high school. 

Parents and students interested in this program should contact their high school’s guidance office to see if their school has a partnership with the college, and contact RCBC’s Office of Outreach and Admissions at admissions@rcbc.edu​.

How do I start the process to earn college credits with RCBC while still attending high school?

Rowan College at Burlington County offers current high school students the opportunity to get a jump start in completing college credits by allowing you to take classes while still enrolled in high school.

Courses taken with RCBC while in high school can be transferred to any RCBC associate degree or certification program as well as to another four-year higher education accredited institution.*

How do high school students enroll in RCBC courses?

  1. Students should speak with the Guidance Office at their school to learn more about the opportunities within the College Head Start Program at RCBC. During this conversation, the counselor will be able to suggest which is the best option for the student and advise on the registration process.
  2. Students will create an account and register for the courses they would like to take via: rcbc.dualenroll.com.​
    • DualEnroll is an online platform that RCBC uses for all high school enrollment. It allows students to select their classes, obtain high school/parent permissions and submit their payments.
    • If a student wishes to take a college-level English course or college-level math course they will need to take the placement exam. 
      • SAT
        • Prior to March 2016, students with a math score of 530 or higher and a critical reading score of 540 or higher.
        • After March 2016, students with a math score of 500 or better and an evidence-based reading and writing score of 450 or better.
      • PARCC (New Jersey Student Learning Assessments — NJSLA)
        • Math PARCC/NJSLA score of a 750+ (Level 4)

        • English PARCC/NJSLA score of a 750+ (Level 4)
      • ACT
        • Students with ACT scores of 23 or higher in reading and 20 or higher in math are not required to take the placement exam.
      • Prior College
        • Students who have taken college-level English and math courses with a grade of a C or higher are not required to take the placement exam.

NOTE: Additional requirements may be needed in specific degree programs

If a student is under the age of 16
The student will need to meet with an admissions counselor prior to moving forward in the enrollment process. To make an appointment with an admissions counselor, please call (856) 222-9311, ext. 1199.

*Students interested in transferring credits to another four-year institution should speak to those colleges' admissions or transfer offices prior to enrolling to ensure transfer ability.

I want to earn credits in Electronic Engineering Technology at BCIT.

With ​the BCIT Pre-Engineering Path, eligible students can earn more than 30 college credits from RCBC by the time they graduate from BCIT.​

That's more than halfway toward an associate degree in Electronic Engineering Technology!

  • Courses will be offered on BCIT's Medford campus.
  • Completing high school and college credits at the same time allows students to complete their college degree at a much lower cost.
  • To enroll in this program, please contact Ms. Aja Jones, Guidance Counselor at BCIT Medford, ajones@burlcoschools.org