College can be both an exciting and stressful time for parents and families. We've put together a list of ways we can work together to support your student.

Getting Started

Financial Options

RCBC is committed to providing high quality educational experiences at one of the lowest tuition rates in the state.  Our shared focus is centered on helping students be successful throughout their term - from the registration and payment process through the completion of the course work.  RCBC offers a variety of options for payment.  We also offer a variety of options to help cover the cost of education, including:  

  • Early completion of the FAFSA online to utilize financial aid awards
  • Early application for RCBC Foundation Scholarships  
  • Access to other external scholarships

Learn more by visiting our Paying for College page.

Student Success and Academic Support

Our top priority at RCBC is assisting students on their educational and career pathway.  Our advising, transfer and student support offices meet with students to develop academic plans that focus on the student’s career interests and future educational goals.  One early step to student success is meeting with an Academic Advisor within the first term to set up an academic plan.  This plan is your path to graduation!  Students can also set up meetings with college staff to prepare and plan for transfer and careers. 

Student Life Programs & Services

In addition to the quality academic programs offered at our campus locations and online, RCBC provides an engaging and interactive student life experience.  From Orientation to Graduation, students can

  • gain leadership experience in one of student clubs or athletic programs
  • participate in a diverse calendar of on and off campus student events
  • build professional skills and develop a focused career path

Check out Campus Life for service and opportunities. 

Navigating RCBC & Additional Resources

RCBC provides an accessible and safe campus environment for curricular and co-curricular learning experiences.  From campus tours for prospective students to discounted NJ Transit resources for current students, RCBC offers a wide range of resources to help with the logistical components of achieving your education!  Use the links below to access a phone directory of all college departments, access important campus safety reports from our Public Safety department, and other useful links.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the semester start?

RCBC has the academic calendar published via the website.  Our Full Spring semester begins in January.  Our full Summer semester begins in May and our full Fall semester begins at the end of August or beginning of September of each year.  Note:  We have Mini semesters offered throughout the year also.  RCBC offers a 15 week, 10 week, 7 week and a 5 week semester. The schedule could be via online or instructor led. Click here to find out which semester(s) you are interested in.

Can I attend orientation with my student?

Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend the Student Orientation Program.  There is also a separate parent and family orientation program offered during the program for parents.

Are summer classes necessary?

Students may decide to take summer courses. For example, students who place into developmental math are recommended to take developmental courses during the summer before their first semester at RCBC. Students may also take summer classes if they place into developmental courses in order to stay on track for their scheduled graduation. There are many summer classes offered. These classes run five, seven, or ten weeks and may be taken in-person or online.

My insurance company says my son/daughter must be a full-time student for me to maintain coverage. What constitutes full-time?

A student must take at least 12 credit hours to be considered full-time. Any combination that totals 12 or more credit hours is considered full-time status.

Where do students park on campus?

Please click here for a map of where students may park.  Note: Rowan College at Burlington County does not currently charge a fee for parking or for assigned parking decals. Please make sure that the student’s car is registered appropriately with the public safety office. Also, students should pay close attention to where they are allowed to park.

What are the requirements to apply for Rowan College at Burlington County?

There are different options in which to apply to RCBC. Rowan College at Burlington County has an Open Enrollment Policy. You may begin your studies at RCBC if you fall under any of the following categories:

  • You have a high school diploma
  • You have an equivalency (GED) certificate
  • You are a high school or home-schooled student with permission
  • You are a non-high school graduate with ability to perform college-level work and benefit from a post-secondary education. 

For more information about admissions, click here.

Do professors take attendance in class?

A professor’s attendance policy is outlined in his or her syllabus.  Students are encouraged to review information provided by his/her professor and to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the attendance policy outlined by his/her professors. 

How do I obtain a copy of my student’s grades?

The college is prohibited from releasing certain information to parents without the permission from the student via the FERPA guidelines.

For more information about FERPA, please review the College Catalog.

How can a student get help if they are struggling with academics in any class?

If a student is struggling in a class, he/she should schedule a meeting with his/her professor. They can discuss their issues and opportunities for tutoring as needed.  

For more information regarding tutoring, click here.

What are the withdrawal/refund dates for each semester?

The Withdrawal/Refund schedule is posted on the RCBC website.  Should a student need to withdraw, he/she needs to speak to an Academic Advisor to confirm impacts to his program, schedule, Financial Aid and billing. 

For more information about the academic calendar, click here.

What is the difference between a degree and a certificate?

An associate degree is awarded at the completion of a two-year program. A certificate is awarded at the completion of a series of courses that prepare students for employment in a selected program.

What is the RCBC Placement Test?

All first-time college students at RCBC must complete a placement test to assess their readiness to succeed in college-level coursework, specifically English and/or mathematics. The ACCUPLACER test measures reading, language, and math literacy. Students identified as needing additional English and/or math skills will be placed in developmental courses to improve their skills. Students may be exempt from the placement test if their SAT or ACT scores are high enough or they have taken college courses that can be used to place them in English and Math.

For more information, click here

What are developmental courses and who has to take them?

Developmental courses provide an opportunity for students to strengthen their skills in Math, English, and Reading. Developmental courses are designed to help build and strengthen the basic foundation skills so students can succeed in all of their classes.  We encourage students to take any required developmental courses prior to taking other courses.  Students are encouraged to see their academic advisor for any questions or concerns. 

How do students apply for financial aid?

Students are encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid Department regarding all financial aid inquiries. All students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Students may go to to apply for Federal Grants and Loans as well as NJ State funding. 

For more information about paying for college, click here.

How can students pay for tuition?

Students can pay their tuition either through financial aid, scholarships, loans or payment plan. 

For more information about paying for college, click here.

When is my student's bill due?

We encourage our students to be proactive with paying their bill to insure timely payments.  Each semester has a specific payment due date.  Payments are normally due upon completion of course registration unless otherwise indicated within the registration bill.  Payments are due prior to the start of each semester.  RCBC offers convenient payment plan options.  See schedule of payment due dates, payment plan details and other valuable information, please click here.

How can my student process payment? What payment plans are available?

There are multiple payment plan options that your student may take advantage of which includes a deferred payment plan, monthly payment plan, and pay in full.  Please click here for specific details.

What activities are available for students on campus?

RCBC has an abundance of student activities, organizations and clubs on campus. At the start of each semester we offer many welcome back activities and events geared at helping new students become acclimated to the RCBC campus.

For more information, click here.

What services does RCBC offer for students with learning and other types of disabilities?

RCBC’s Office of Student Support and Disability Services offers students with diagnosed learning disabilities access to accommodations and support that will improve their college experience. Students with learning disabilities should be seen by the Student Support staff only to determine the appropriate accommodations, resources, and other services that may be needed.

For more information, click here.   

What services are available for career planning and internships?

Encourage your student to visit the Career Services Center.  They can discuss career options, self-assessment, values, skills, goals, job-seeking opportunities, and more. Students are also encouraged to attend workshops about career planning and resume writing.

For more information, click here.

Are emergency telephones placed throughout the campus for students to call for help?

There are black wall phones that are used for internal purposes only which can be used to dial different departments within RCBC.  Should a person have an emergency, they can pick up the phone and dial ext. 2100.

My student is having trouble accessing WebAdvisor. How can I help them?

RCBC offers an online help desk to assist students with accessing online resources.  You can submit an online service ticket here

My student is having trouble accessing their email. How can I help them?

RCBC offers an online help desk to assist students with accessing online resources.  You can submit an online service ticket here