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The Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications works closely with the president and all college departments to direct internal and external college communications and marketing. The office is responsible for the college’s branding, website, social media, media relations, emergency notification, photography, publications, and RCBC podcast network.

Privacy Policy

Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) respects the privacy of visitors to our site. This statement is present to inform site visitors of the information that is collected; the means by which data is collected; and how collected information is utilized.

By using our site, you imply consent to the policy below. For questions or concerns, please discontinue your visit to our website and contact us at marketing@rcbc.edu.


Data Collected

RCBC may monitor the pages visited on our site; the reference page (previous page visited) used to navigate to our site; the date and time of the site visit; the duration of time spent on our site and each individual page; the operating system of the computer used to access our site; the Internet Browser used to access our site; capabilities of the Internet Browser used, including, but not limited to, screen resolution, browser release version, and media capabilities; the Internet Protocol address used to access our site; and the search queries used on our site.


Methods of Data Collected

RCBC utilizes third-party software to analyize a variety of information concerning visitor behavior on our website. While this information may contain personal data, we do not collect your name, mailing address or other identifying information unless it is willingly submitted through a RCBC form.

Our software providers use cookies to store information concerning visits to our website. Cookies are text files placed on your computer for authenticating, tracking, and maintaing information about site visitors. Cookies allow analytical software to monitor how individual visitors use our site.

You may refuse the use cookies and other settings by adjusting your internet browser preferences. While this will help to protect your privacy, it may hinder your full use of our site.

RCBC utilizes this information to determine how visitors use our site in an effort to make our site as user-friendly as possible and to anticipate the needs and preferences of our visitors.

Our third-party software providers may be required to transfer this information to third parties when required to do so by law. Data collected through our analytical software is stored on external servers. This data is secured with the industry-recommended levels of encryption. While this data is considered secure by industry standards, RCBC assumes no liability should a data breach occur.

Please feel free to contact marketing@rcbc.edu with concerns regarding any aspect of our policy.


External Sites

Rowan College at Burlington County may refer our visitors to an external site that contains additional resources. The links provided are done so as a benefit to our students and community. The college does not routinely screen, approve, review, or endorse the content, products, or services that may be offered on any external websites. As such, we cannot be held responsible for change of content, change of location, broken links, misinformation, or change in ownership of any third-party sites.

External sites do not adhere to the RCBC privacy policy, and may have their own privacy policies that are different from RCBC.

If there are any concerns or questions, regarding third-party websites, please direct any questions to marketing@rcbc.edu, and include a link to the RCBC page along with a link to the external website.


Classroom Content

Google Sites are tools made available to support academic learning and for academic purposes. These sites do not contain official college materials, content or information. Rowan College at Burlington County is not responsible for content posted to Google Sites by students, staff or faculty. Please refer to rcbc.edu for official information about the college.


On-Campus Photography

Rowan College at Burlington County is a vibrant campus community whose students, faculty and staff, and facilities lend themselves to photography that captures the college’s spirit to showcase to the community.

As an open campus, the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications will document campus life with images that may be used in several promotional media such as print, web, social media, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Students and community members who see a photographer nearby and do not wish to have their picture taken, should just mention it to the photographer. If you have further questions, you may email marketing@rcbc.edu.


Questions or Concerns

For any other questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications at marketing@rcbc.edu.

Sharing flyers or printed materials on campus

Literature Distribution on Campus Policy
Distribution, placement, and posting of external literature or signage anywhere on any college location, including bulletin boards and campus roadways, is prohibited unless specifically authorized through the college with approval from the Rowan College at Burlington County Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications.

Organizations and/or representatives are not permitted to impose literature upon any student or employee and are not permitted to stand or distribute literature within 50 feet of a building entrance or exits, on walkways or distribute literature in campus parking areas. Organizations and/or representatives are required to wear badges identifying their names and organization, are prohibited to approach any student or employee in any form of harassing manner. Organizations are reminded Rowan College at Burlington County is an institute of Higher Education and will observe proper decorum while on the college campuses. 

Literature must meet the following guidelines:

  • Must be appropriate for an institution of higher education
  • Must comply with all college Board approved policies
  • Must not advertise or promote a service that costs money
  • Must not solicit students
  • May only be posted on specified college bulletin boards
  • Organizations and/or their representatives are solely responsible for removing their literature in a timely manner

Any literature that does not meet these guidelines will not be permitted. Any organizations and/or their representatives that do not comply with these guidelines will be prohibited from distributing their literature at the college in the future.

The Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications has final approvals on all literature distribution requests.

Any violation of the aforementioned regulations and restrictions will result in a warning from Rowan College at Burlington County’s Public Safety Department.  If after receiving warning, any further violation will result in removal from the college campus.

Please Note: Students wishing to post public notices associated with student clubs or activities must have them approved by the Office of Student Life.

To request approval to distribute literature or signage on campus, please email marketing@rcbc.edu.

Promoting your business' discounts to RCBC students

Businesses that provide discounts to students at Rowan College at Burlington County shall be entitled to recognition on this page upon approval from the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications under the following conditions:

  • The discount is substantial, applicable to a broad base of students and has a connection to the needs of a student.
  •  The business provides additional value to the college.
  • The products and services provided by the business must be appropriate for an institution of higher education and must comply with board policies.

For more information or to request to share a discount with RCBC students, please email marketing@rcbc.edu.

Please note that Rowan College at Burlington County is not responsible for products, services or claims of companies promoted on the “Local Discounts for Students” webpage. Companies that do not honor their student discount will be removed from the page.

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Marketing Inquiries
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