The Rowan College at Burlington County Board of Trustees is a governing body of Rowan College at Burlington County. The Board is a 12 member group, including the Board Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Alumni Trustee, and Solicitor.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Trustees of Rowan College at Burlington County are scheduled to meet on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, October 20, 2020, and November 17, 2020, at 5:30 P.M., for their Regular Public Meetings. As a result of the National and State Declarations of Emergency, the meetings will take place via Webex and members of the public may participate remotely. The Webex link for each meeting will be available on the Board of Trustees Webpage for participation through your computer or by phone. Additionally, if you wish to send comments and questions in advance of the meetings, please send by e-mail to

Only the College President will attend the meetings in person. No one else will be permitted in the Student Success Center. All members of the Board of Trustees and necessary professionals will participate remotely. Subject to change at such meetings, the agenda is available on the Rowan College at Burlington County Website,, on the Board of Trustees Webpage. Formal action will be taken on the items listed on the agenda.

The agenda includes an opportunity for public comment and all remote participants will be able to make public comment during this time. Initially, attendees will be muted, then unmuted at the time of public comment. If you are not speaking during public comment, please mute your device, so background noise does not disturb the meeting.

TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Trustees of Rowan College at Burlington County may conduct an Executive/Closed Session at the end of the Public Meetings to discuss items related to potential litigation, personnel and matters falling within attorney-client privilege. These discussions will be closed to the public pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A. 10:4-12. Formal action may be taken.

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that subject to revision at such meetings, the proposed agenda may include discussion related to academic programs, budget, personnel, purchasing, tuition and fees, appointments, and workforce development for fiscal year 2021.

Dr. Michael A. Cioce
Board of Trustees

Contact the Board

Communication to any or all members of the Board of Trustees may be addressed to:

Rowan College at Burlington County
Board of Trustees
900 College Circle
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
(856) 222-9311, ext. 2524

Student concerns?

Every year, a member of the graduating class serves as alumni trustee to represent the student concerns to the board in a non-voting capacity. Students seeking to reach their representative can email

Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request

Please submit all completed request forms to Matt Farr, Chief Operations Officer, at