The following directory lists contact information for all full-time faculty at Rowan College at Burlington County and their associated disciplines. This list can be sorted by academic division or meta major. If you are unsure who to contact, please reach out directly to the academic division.

Department Chairs
Liberal Arts Division
English/Literature, Journalism, English as a Second Language (ESL), Developmental English, Developmental Reading, World Languages, International Studies, and American Sign Language/Interpreter Education.
Dave Wilson
Alternative Energy Technology, Physics, Electrical Engineering Technology, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology and Construction Management.
Liberal Arts Division
Art, Music, Entertainment Technologies, Theatre and Photography.

Paul Warner
Computer Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Servicing & Networking Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Information Assurance/Cybersecurity.

Liberal Arts Division
History, Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Political Science, Accounting, Business Administration and Economics.
Jennifer Rienzi
Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Pre-Medical Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geospatial Technology and Geoscience.
Liberal Arts Division
Speech, Education, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy and Religion.
Crystal Bourne
Mathematics, Cooking & Baking, Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Fashion Design, Fashion Product Merchandising, Graphic Design and Digital Media.
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Dave B. Wilson
Dave B. Wilson
  • Instructor, Engineering and Technology
STEM (Mechanical Engineering Technology)
Gina Yanuzzi
Gina Yanuzzi
  • Assistant Professor, Communications and Humanities
Liberal Arts (Composition, Literature, Film)
Marc Zamkotowicz
Marc Zamkotowicz
  • Assistant Professor, Science and Mathematics
STEM (Physical Science, Geospatial Technology)
Faith Zimnes
Faith Zimnes
  • Assistant Professor, Health Sciences
Dental Hygiene


Liberal Arts (LA) Division

Mount Laurel Campus, Laurel Hall 1st Floor
(856) 222-9311, ext. 1441

Dean:  Dr. Donna Vandergrift
Associate Dean: Elizabeth Nesius

Health Sciences (HS) Division

Mount Laurel Campus, Health Sciences Center
(856) 222-9311, ext. 1718

Dean: Dr. Karen Montalto
Division Secretary: Danielle Garcia

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Division

Mount Laurel Campus, TEC Building, 1st Floor
(856) 222-9311, ext. 1372

Dean: Dr. Edem Tetteh
Associate Dean: Dr. Elizabeth Price
Division Secretary​: Patricia Zanichelli