CAR maintains clear, systematic and sustainable processes for planning, collecting, and assessing academic areas and operations within the college.  We work closely with faculty, staff, and administrators to employ a continuous improvement cycle where assessment results are used to improve the quality of programs and units and aid in achieving the College’s mission and goals.

Student Learning Assessment

Student learning assessments are conducted for all programs offered by the college, including the General Education program, on a continual and sustainable basis. The systematic process in place allows the college to assess all student learning outcomes, within a program, on a four-year cycle. Results of assessments are used to improve the quality of educational programs and the services that support the educational experience, to provide validation to internal and external audiences, and to aid in achieving the college’s mission and goals.

Academic Program Reviews

The academic program review process serves as a mechanism to ascertain the strengths and challenges of the college's academic programs. This internal, peer-reviewed process is designed to encourage meaningful cross-departmental conversation. The result is a final report that includes purposeful recommendations and a measurable action plan.

Operational Unit Assessment

Operational unit assessments are conducted by all units within the college on an annual basis. The process in place allows for assessment of one or more unit goals which are linked to an institutional goal. Results of assessments are evaluated to determine ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of services and support and to aid in achieving the college’s mission and goals.

Operational Unit Reviews

Operational unit reviews are in place to foster excellence by looking closely at key areas including the unit’s mission and goals, organization and leadership, quality of services provided, resource use and needs, and use of assessment results toward continuous improvement. The process is designed to promote conversation within the unit that capitalizes on strengths and formulates solutions for challenges. Peer-review consultancy provides rounded feedback, while overarching findings are shared with the RCBC leadership to encourage institutional support and dialogue.