Welcome to RCBC's Office of Compliance, Assessment and Research


The office of Compliance, Assessment and Research (CAR) supports institutional effectiveness using systematic and sustainable processes to facilitate informed decision-making that guides planning, budgeting, assessment, accreditation, compliance, and continuous improvement to further the core mission and goals of the college.


  1. Plan, implement, and communicate systematic and sustainable policies and processes for continuous improvement
  2. Collaborate with the college community on utilizing internal and external quantitative and qualitative data in support of informed decision-making
  3. Maintain compliance with external accrediting and regulatory bodies
  4. Manage institutional assessment to improve key indicators of student success

Institutional Effectiveness

The process of Institutional Effectiveness is one of an institution demonstrating how well it succeeds in accomplishing its mission and meeting its goals.   The process allows Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) to assess its expected outcomes based on its strategic initiatives. The purpose of the institutional effectiveness process at RCBC is to demonstrate continuous improvement in educational programs and support services.  Results are used to inform funding allocations and planning decisions.

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Institutional Research